1. Nothing like you would have I’m sure… wrote letters to adopted soldiers; plotted next batch of goodies to send them; survived local dust storms.
    Sending Hugs & Admiration your way from Downunder

  2. I always make time to send care packages to our hero’s on the battle fields my last care package went out on sept 11 2009 and more will go out for halloween so please step up to the plate America and join in i can tell you you will get more out of giving to these brave men and women. God Bless.

  3. As of yesterday with the help of my very patriotic grandson Connor (5) we mailed off the 283 box since Jan 2009 to one of the 11 soldiers and marines that we support.It is an honor to be able to do this and I just wish we could do more.

  4. As of yesterday, we have hosted 199 visits (I don’t think the word “interview” really covers these) with deployed troops just this year alone to talk about the missions, the jobs, the off duty time, why they joined, why they still serve and to thank the families who also contribute to our freedom. Spending time with America’s BEST!
    As a military “brat”, it is extremely rewarding to bring these visits to our civilian communities so fellow Americans can get to know the men and women who give so much for our freedom.
    Maj Pain – To you, all with whom you serve and your families, the words Thank You will never be able to express the true amount of appreciation, pride and love that your fellow countrymen and women have for you. May God be with you all now and forever.
    The Hosts & Listeners From
    United We Roll World Tour Show
    Stardust Radio

  5. Visited with YoungSon about his upcoming enlistment in my beloved Corps. (he’s on delayed entry)
    Tried to remember which Commandant made guys wear V-neck t-shirts for a time.
    Lauded the use of cammies in official portraits.
    But nothing for anybody but family, yesterday at least. I’ll try to do better today.
    Semper Fi, brother.

  6. My day started with prayer for some bad to the bone Marines and all those in their AO in support of them and their mission. Encouraged some of your brothers put out to pasture to keep on keepin on and thanked them for all they do and have done. In the middle of an e-mail exchange educating my oldest as to why the main stream media did not cover the 9-12 march on D.C. In general just being a major pain to all those that resist our Republican form of government and trying to be a blessing to those that have offered more than we have a right to ask in defense of same.

  7. I am sending out at least a dozen letters to our troops today and maybe three or so condolence cards to families of our fallen heroes. Just recently I sent a condolence card to a soldier’s family with a business card that I include that has my phone number on it. Yesterday while I was at work and not able to take phone calls, this soldier’s mother called to thank me for that card- on the day they buried her son! I plan to use “redial” and call her back today! These letters and the phone call should take up alot of this day which I have set aside to get all this done. On a brighter note, later this evening I will be expecting a phone call from USMC Sgt H in Hawaii. He is one heck of a Marine and is so passionate about the Marines and life that he just seems to swell when he talks! He goes back to A-stan come spring. I “met” him a few years back by sending him a letter because he got no mail.

  8. Wish I could say I did some of these wonderfully giving things, but the only thing I did of value today was play with my grandsons. Two of them, nearly 3 and 19 months old, so they keep you going! But seeing the lights go on as they’re introduced to something new is a sight to behold. When they leave (next week) I’ll get back to supporting the troops again!

  9. I GOT A HELL OF A LOT YELLING NOOBAMA 2012 thats one hell of a day and if I do it every day…WOW… OORAH he’s gone…

  10. I work with adults that are disabled and/or handicapped. So perhaps the only difference I made today was Making them smile and laugh, listened when they talked to me, helped them get their snacks at break time, side tracked a possible temper tantrum, opened soda cans, washed faces and shook hands and made merry with a great group of people.

  11. Adopted another soldier today and have written about 40 letters (just getting started) to wounded warriors. Have supplies for blankets to make and send to deployed soldiers. Thanks for asking – you inspire me to do much more. And, always, Y’all are in my prayers. God Bless you. And in the civilian sector – cared for my invalid father-in-law and booked a mini vacation to take my Sis and favorite Aunt to enjoy some ocean breezes on the Jersey shore. So, y’all keep up the good work – we love ya.

  12. Today I started filling another Priority Mail box headed for Afghanistan. I lost track but I know I’m over 150 boxes sent to Iraq, Afghanistan and Djibouti.

  13. Mailed off cards for wounded soldiers in several places. Wrote my congresspeople for the hundreth time or more. Prayed for all the men and women in harm’s way. Go get ’em. Jude in Florida

  14. Sent packages to my adopted soldiers, wrote letters to many others!!!!! Met with our Life ins. agent ( hate doing that ) and wathced my granddaughters “clogging” lessons.All thanks to the great men and women protectiong my freedoms. You “rock”!!!!!!!!!

  15. Still working on organizing our Protectors Mass Oct 11…thanking those who serve and served. Put in the bulletin the request for knitted or crochet helm liners (wish I could do either, sigh). Placed all the instructions on the church tables. And of course, lit my candle today for all our troops, especially my Marines and the Chaplain we are supporting. God Bless you and Semper Fi, USMC “Brat”

  16. I spoke to the Tulsa WWII Vets at their meeting about what our organization does-Soldiers Angels.
    WE are hoping to get a State program going to “adopt” Vets.
    Janet in Tulsa

  17. Taught engineers at a defense company how to create better quality software in the FCS [Future Combat Systems] product they are building.

  18. Took care of my sick daughter and sent a contribution to the LtCol Jeffery Chessani Defense Fund. (Check out Thomas Moore Law Center at . They are defending this Honorable Man and Marine from Charges stemming from the so called “Haditha Massacre”)

  19. Enjoyed visiting your site. Don’t agree with it all, but God blessed us each with individual hearts/souls. I am so proud of my brothers/sisters serving in harm’s way for this unnecessary BS war (Iraq/Afghanistan). Today, I am baking a cake for my husband’s birthday, wrote two news releases for Veterans For Peace and Iraq Vets Against the War regarding protests at G20, sent Facebook notes to several friends in Afghanistan and one in Iraq (God Bless them), wrote a letter to Tammy Duckworth about how shitty our veterans are being treated when they return (Post 9/11 GI Bill is a wreck! and those with PTSD and emotional imbalances are being treated like drug addicts!), prayed for my friends, family and anyone who thinks they have it all figured out! We must all remember how important it is to try to wear someone else’s shoes/boots before we judge them. PS…I love the recruiting commercial, but I hate that these young people are being lured in for this BS war!
    Semper Fi from a 22+ year Marine Veteran (1985 – 2007)

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