1. We in New York will NEVER FORGET! Our emotions that are just below the surface well up and spill over on this day. As listen to the reading of the names I am sad yet so proud of all those who gave of themselves that day and of our military that continue to serve us to keep this from never happening again.

  2. Unfortunately, for many, the saying on that wall in Iraq still applies – “America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war, America is at the mall.” I am not one of those crappy creatures though. Keep on hammering the hajjis boss. Center Mass!

  3. Those of us at Soldiers Angels remember every day when we send care packages, work with the wounded, and the young Vets with PTSD and TBI.

  4. After learning of the disaster in New York, Susan D. Wiseman wrote this song, God Will Prevail – ” The Victim’s Anthem ” expressing her thoughts, faith and emotions … as the tragedy unfolded.
    The beautiful chord structure and effects are incredibly moving !
    It is her wish that ALL the victims, families, firefighters, police, rescue workers, and, military could ALL receive a copy of this song, with the hopes, it would be a comfort to them & give them inspiration.
    It is also her desire that this song be available worldwide for anyone desiring to hear it.
    By request of the victim’s families, Susan performed “God Will Prevail” & ” You Rescued Me ”
    for the 5th Anniversary Event as the 9/11 America’s Victim’s Memorial Quilt’s Dedication Ceremony
    Inducted into the World Trade Center permanent Museum.
    Susan has also accepted an invitation to return for the 10th Anniversary Remembrance
    Performing for the World Memorial Project
    “The Victims’ Anthem”
    When the dust has settled and the rubble’s cleared,
    And, the hole that’s left was all we feared.
    When the strength of man has finally failed…
    God, Will Prevail !
    When the last poor soul’s been laid to rest,
    In this sea of tears and endless lists
    That, is when you’ll see her rise above…
    God, Will Prevail !
    For, Freedom… Still Rings,
    Through This Land!
    America, Forever… Will Stand,
    In God’s Hands!
    And, When The Strength Of Man
    Finally… Fails,
    God, Will Prevail !
    Though all the walls have crumbled and fall down,
    As our dreams lie scattered on this ground
    You will see her rise from bended knees…
    God, Will Prevail … Again !
    For, Freedom… Still Rings,
    Through This Land!
    America, Forever… Shall Stand,
    In God’s Hands !
    As We Soar, Through the Skies
    You Will See,
    That, America’s… Still Brave
    She’ll Still Fight
    For… Liberty !
    But, if America…
    Should ever, fail…
    God’s Will … Prevail !
    ( ALL Downloads FREE … Under “Free Downloads” section )
    Copyright September 2001
    Susan D. Wiseman – ” The Tribute Lady ”
    (98+ Tributes – ALL free streams/downloads)
    “Christ-Centered Pieces” – Given Gifts
    P.O. Box 1591
    Fayetteville, Ga. 30214-1591

  5. Never forget…the Twin Towers, the USS Cole, Kobar Towers, Embassy bombings….keep the faith and keep on keepin on.
    ( and the Marines have our back – semper fi !!)

  6. Thank you all for remembering:
    As I remember that horrible day, I thank those who died trying to save others, and for all the victims and victims families. I thank God for America, and for those strong and brave military men and women who fight every day to keep us safe at night:
    God speed-God Bless:
    God is Good
    Here is a song from Les Mis I sang in dedication to our military:

  7. There were so many ordinary Americans who performed extraordinary acts of courage that day. It truly was a shining moment in our history amidst the tragedy of the day. My prayers are with the families of the fallen and wounded; and my gratitude to all who carry on in their memory. JOOYMS, Maj, yesterday, today and always.

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