I heard the country music artist Kellie Pickler was visiting Iraq during a USO tour and had an issue with the running water toilets. Ha! Sweet heart if you left the beaten area and headed out to the edges of the empire you would have been pretty grateful to have a porta john.

You know you are living good if you have porta johns. When you know you are on the edge is when you have piss tubes. Whats that?  These are 5 inch pvc pipe sunk into the ground that disseminates the waste into the ground. Now that a porta john is bad when its 100 outside because its 120 inside the porta john.  The tubes are often a unique experience each use as you have to battle the flies to compete with the instrument then carry on a convenient conversation with the guy next to you.

Nonetheless Kelly, the take away here sweet heart is that you better be damn grateful for what you have and remember, it can always get worse.


  1. I haven’t even served my country like most people that read milblogs, and even I don’t mind squatting when necessary.that makes me kinda sick..her attitude, that is..not the piss tube..lol

  2. Major, I’ve just read about a great fly repellent..easy to make and effective too. Take a heavy duty ziplock bag, fill in half way with water, put in four pennies. Zip it closed and make a hole near the zipline, put a string or wire through it and suspend it from something near where the flies are. The pennies look like eyes and it makes flies scatter.

  3. Major, God bless you and all our brave troops keeping it safe for us at home. No thank yous are enough. As the wife of a Marine (from the 1970’s) I’m more than proud of the sacrifice, and don’t take it lightly.
    Now, having said that, about Kellie Pickler…in all due respect sir…it’s a girl thing. When boating, camping, hunting with the hubby, it’s always more embarrassing and hard for me to, ahhhm, do my duty than for him. No disrespect…just a plumbing issue you know. We also get embarrassed by sounds, and are the nuts who turn the water on in the faucet so no one can hear.
    Kellie loves our troops and that’s why she keeps going over. Potty issues, though, are just a female thing.
    Semper Fi…always

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