1. A special clip for you:

    Major, keep us posted as much as possible; I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. May God bless & keep your family, as well.

  2. Major… God Bless you and your men.. Thank you and be safe!!
    Folks, I know we all love and respect the Major… How can we help it huh? He is doing what he loves and damn he does it well. He is #1 on our list and he makes us glow with pride for all he has done for our country.. I’m now asking for all of us, OMV supporters… let’s make the Major glow with pride.. He has asked in the past we help by donating to the or site… How about all of us make a donation of at least $11.95 each,the cost of postage for one package, more if possible. I know times are tough but not as tough as what the Marines and all our troops go through. I know for a fact the the Major would be overjoyed. So guys PLEASE let’s make him happy.
    I will beg, borrow and steal away your love for the Major and his Marines and their buddies…So, this old lady is begging… Please give till it hurts and just a tad more…For, it will hurt no more, just warm your heart. Let’s go!! I’m heading for and a donation in the honor of our Major Pain.
    Thank you! We are an awesome group of supporters…. Let’s prove it.
    God Bless Major.. Give em hell!

  3. Dear Major Pain,
    Thanks once again for going to the battlefront! I am thanking you on behalf of our family. We are very proud to have an adopted deployed soldier currently who we support. We have also give to the various organizations that help to support our men and women when they come back such as Wounded Warrior, Veterans of Foreign Wars and several others that help support our veterans as well. My only wish in this world would be if every citizen either supported a soldier or veteran in some capacity even if it was just to write a letter. So often I tell people that we support our soldiers and they often do not know what to say in return. They often expect to hear you say that you know someone in the service. We will keep supporting our troops and our veterans to the end. May God Bless you and keep you and your troops safe and you may you be successful in your duties that lay before you. Thank you for also continuing to provide us with such wonderful updates from a Marines point of view. Many times I am at my computer reading your posts outloud to the husband.

  4. Forget bout taking names…No one cares about the names of dead tango’s. Well, ‘cept those 72 virginians they’re gonna meet.
    Just kick ass and keep safe!

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