1. I agree wt259, we certainly do need him now. How about running this video 24/7 on every town square or main street in every major city, village, and hamlet in this country. The man called it like it is. There was no calling evil good or good evil. Thanks for the post Major.

  2. I was at the last rally the night before the election that elevated this truly great man to the Presidency of the United States. There was an electric current running through the massive crowd as I struggled to lift my sturdy eight year old daughter high enough to see the man I had told her was our next president. No more malaise…
    I too loved this man and I am weeping because I would give anything to have him back, now, in this crisis.
    We are a land of 300 million souls. Surely at this moment when we need Divine Providence to send up a leader, there is one among us. Pray for America and Pray for a Leader like this one we have just watched. Bless you Ronnie!

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