1. I am so sick’n tired of hearing about some dumbass child molester. he’s dead get over IT! Our TROOPS deserve more coverage than what he’s getting. I’m with you Maj Pain on that! I found out that a Sailor from my area was killed in Afganistan the other day. I will defenately be attending. Especially since my nephew is deployed. His boots on are ground alot even if he is in the Navy. DAMN PROUD OF MY NEPHEW! by the way i was very disappointed at the parade here. NO 1 cheered for our Troops until the reached my family!!! that says alot, right there about american’s. I do think we were really loud for about 30 people (family reunion that was just my sibs and the kids) THANK YOU GUYS ‘N GALS FOR ALL UR HARD WORK! GOD BLESS ALL OF YALL!

  2. They are in my prayers daily….there would be no “land of the free” without the brave who protect it. God bless them all.

  3. Prayers out more than once a day and thank you for keeping us posted when you are able. I couldn’t forget you all if I wanted to and I thank God for the experince in my own life that keeps you and your families on my heart and my mind! The Lt said keep movin’ and he also said take no prisoners!

  4. Having no son or daughter to serve, I am deeply proud of all the men and women who serve proudly to keep me and my family safe. You are always in my prayers.

  5. Perspective is always the harshest mistress. The idea is that 300 million people are being well protected from the gruesome sights, smells, sounds and the heat (or cold). The general population was largely unconcerned with the fate of the unlucky few at Valley Forge, Vicksburg, Tarawa, Bastogne, Pusan, Hue, Mosul as we are now oblivious to Club Kandahar and the demands Pashtunwali… did your recruiter tell you a story about exotic places and travel opportunities?
    We know, we know… (of course he did.)
    I personally always raise an ice cold glass to you poor bastards every Saturday afternoon, while sitting in air-conditioning. And I pay taxes …and I know that every TV channel devoted to lunacy is sickening —while we have warriors in the field.
    Bring it on home, but first —win it clean, or if need be, win it dirty. The story is as old as the hills. (or the Iliad…)

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