So as I began to read this I thought, ya, if you’re going to ride and participate, you should pay regardless if you’re a Marine, Sailor or injured construction worker. BUT, the kid isn’t getting out of his chair. His  stressed out wife and kids or family were probably trying to let some steam off of their jacked up new life.

Actually I’m really not surprised this happened as it was most likely some pimple faced moron of a teen ager running the ticket booth that had a set of parents that should have jus said no to one another expanding their gene pool.

This is the same moron that can’t find the key chains in the key isle of Home Depot and would tell you its not his section when you asked where they were. Idiots.

I will eat my own like a lion eats its cubs before I let them do wrong or think they can take an advantage of something just because their daddy is deployed or of a physical situation but what Capt Obvious missed at the gate is that this warrior wasn’t riding shit and needed a nurse to keep him comfortable.

Who is the real victim here the wounded stud or the morons that can’t use common sense? Fricking Brilliant!!!!

Family Outraged After Quadriplegic Marine Denied Free Admission to Michigan Amusement Park

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The family of a U.S. Marine is outraged after a Michigan amusement park insisted on charging the veteran admission to enter the park — despite his being a quadriplegic — according to a newspaper report.

Heather Lovell told the Grand Rapids Press that she had been at the park acting as a chaperone for a children's group, and her fiance, Joshua Hoffman, was just meeting up with her there briefly before she took him to his stepbrother's graduation.

But even after she explained that Hoffman had been paralyzed in 2007 by a sniper's bullet in Iraq and is unable to speak, let alone go on rides, the park insisted both Hoffman and his nurse could not join her in the park without paying, Lovell told the Press

"It was really just outrageous," she said. "He is not physically going on any rides."

Michigan's Adventure General Manager Camille Jourden-Mark said park policy requires even non-participants to pay the admission fee.

"We just can't be in a position of picking and choosing. We have grandparents (who pay admission) that come in our park every day that have no intention of ever going on a ride," she told the Grand Rapids Press.

Jourden-Mark later offered the family complementary passes for Hoffman and a guest, the Press reported. Lovell said she has not decided whether they will use the passes.



  1. Probably some dim bulb goth or emo kid who put management in the position of having to either back down in front of a crowd, or getting their back up over being told to let someone in or it would end up in the media. Well, guess what, it ended up in the media, dipstick. The only people in West Michigan who don’t know Josh’s story are your typical, brain-dead, dope smoking jerk of a teenager.

  2. “We just can’t be in a position of picking and choosing.” Jourden-Mark
    Translation: The ablity to make a compassionate decision is not in my job description.
    We have grandparents (who pay admission) that come in our park every day that have no intention of ever going on a ride,” Jourden-Mark
    Translation: We are equal opportunity abusers. We screw the old folks and the wounded warriors too.

  3. Exactly what the person above said! Why should wounded warriors (shake their hand & say “Thank you for serving…how can I make your visit better?”) or grandparents have to pay at all??? As a matter of fact, I took a bunch of kids to Water Country this weekend, and the BEST they will do is give you a Spectator’s Pass…basically $10 off, IF you come back with a paper bracelet intact (unwet) at day’s end. Sad thing is, they are also charging $3 for a 20oz drink & $8 or so for a burger & fries or pizza….you are allowed to go out to your car & eat your own food at a picnic area (nice!), but the time to do all that because you have to park in the cheapest lot, $10….not exactly priceless. At least they do have a bridge that says, “Honor Our Heroes”, and I do believe Anheiswer-Busch offers military discounts…at least they used to, not sure about since the buy-out. Either way, a visit there is a big expense–at least give the military & grandparents a bigger break.

  4. There was a bit more to the story, in fact, the kid taking tickets said that it couldn’t be proven that Josh was really injured. Not only was it the kid doing the tickets, it was also officials at the park.
    What this story doesn’t make clear is just how bad off Josh is, he isn’t just paraylzed from the waist down, he is paralyzed from the NECK down.
    It was explained to the park officials that they only wanted Josh to come in for just an hour or two to watch Heather and the kids she was chaparoning and then Josh and his nurse would leave.
    I simply can’t stomach the thought of this young man, who was shot in the neck by a sniper while doing what his country asked him to do and he has lost all function, to go to an amusement park and have some ass say that Josh can’t PROVE he is faking his injuries to get in free. Are you kidding me?
    Once this got out in the press and the park got some (many) strongly worded letters and phone calls, they extended an invitation to Heather and Josh with a complimentary pass. The company also sent out a form letter to any and all that contacted them about this matter basically saying if they do for one, then they have to do for all. Again, are you kidding me?
    Some people will never get IT. They will never get what it is to be thankful to a veteran for what they have done for this country and for others. They will never get what it is to look outside yourself and do something outside of the rules or the ordinary, because it is the right thing to do. People like this will always live in a pathetic shell and existance.
    We have met Josh several times. He couldn’t speak to Taylor at the time, but his eyes spoke more then what a mouth ever will. I am incredibly thankful that I got to witness my daughter reaching out to him, bonding with him and him knowing she appreciates him. I couldn’t imagine looking into his eyes and asking him to PROVE a damn thing. The people that did such a thing, hopefully some day, what they did will haunt their soul.

  5. The only thing that would have made this at all a tolerable story would have been if the kid went back into his ticket booth and was flattened by a humvee stuck in reverse. Accidentally. Of course.
    And the management>? Scumbags. Pack their asses up & send ’em into combat. Maybe then they would appreciate vets.
    I think all mil families should permanently boycott these jackasses anyway.

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