Here is a lady in Dallas that hung an American flag in the hospital as the Memorial weekend approached and was told to take it down. This lady is dead on “What other freedoms will she loose?”

Know that because she is in a hospital and is an employee, those gutless supervisors that I’m sure never spent a day defending the American flag were quick to coward to the “single” ungrateful un-American employee/patient that complained about the 3×5 flag positioned. Also, that hospital most likely has the “right” to make her take it down because some one complained. This doesn’t fall under the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 but shows where America is today as it is still at war compared to where America was during WWI & WWII. Why would the hospital make her take the United States American flag down because it offended someone? Was it unsafe or cause a dangerous situation? My gut response is, if it offends you, leave the country, don’t let the door hit you in the ass. No, you see these Sons of bitches want us to conform to their wants and desires……“NO, don’t fly the American flag it offends me, fly my country flag here in America because that doesn’t offend me” and the hospital is letting them win. NO, don’t wear the American flag on police, military or other public service uniforms because “it offends me”. Next, they will be bitching about our flag flying at all because it offends them. My response, Pound Sand! This is America my friend, if you have a problem with anyone, flying the American flag when or where they desire as long as it is respectful to the flag you need to go look in the mirror and explain your “issue” with the souls of all of those who have died protecting that flag. Go to a daughter, mother or brother who had their loved one killed defending the American Flag and tell them they shouldn’t fly it. What, it’s not the same? Bet your ass it is. The Kindred Hospital should be ashamed of them selves for becoming another bed wetting liberal I could give a shit about my country and what the freedom we have, I don’t want to make anyone mad organization. I suggest those at Kindred pack their shit and head to Iraq, Afghanistan, China or Korea. See how those people would kill to have the freedom they are so willingly giving up. Many Americans don’t realize how well they have it and begin to abuse it. I say good on Mrs McLucas for hanging the flag in honor of Memorial Day, I bet those bed wetter’s at the hospital did everything but honor those that give them their freedom on this Memorial Day. But hey, that’s just One Marines View. Semper Fi Read the story here:


  1. Amen, Maj Pain!
    I have a standard size flag hanging properly on my apartment enterance door. I hung it there Sept 12, 2001 and have flat out refused to remove it. I have had some of my neighbores take it down and leave it on the floor outside my door several times. This PO’d me to the point that I yelled loud enough so everyone in the building heard me that the very next time I came out my door to find my flag on the floor, I would hunt down the MFSOB and kick their sorry a$$ all the way to Iraq where they could explain why they did it to our fine U.S. Marines and other fine military persons. Since then, I have not had a single problem. I was not able to serve in the military due to some physical problems, but I respect and salute all of those that do or have and honor those that gave their all in fighting for our country. Anyone that is “offended” by our flag or anything else about this great nation can go back to whatever hellhole they came from!
    Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

  2. Ithink it is time to bring all troops back to the home land. And have them find those that dont speak english, those that are offended by our flag, our God, and our freedoms. Round them up and get them out, THEN SEAL OUR BORDERS

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