180px-Kissing_the_War_Goodbye One Edith Shain wrote to Eisenstaedt in the late 1970s claiming to be the woman in the picture.[7] Shain was working at Doctor's Hospital in New York City when she and a friend heard on the radio that World War II had ended. They went to Times Square where all the celebrating was and as soon as she got off the subway, the sailor grabbed and kissed her. She thought she might as well let him kiss her since he fought for her in war. Shain did not tell the world who she was until many years later when she wrote Eisenstaedt a letter. Subsequently they became very good friends.

200px-Edith_Shain Edith Shain at the 2008 Memorial Day parade in Washington, D.C.

A great Parad had by all in the DC area.

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