Save Tibet, Save Darfur, save the freaking whales I read as I drove in the rain soaked streets around Washington DC.  Although I noticed many stickers on cars that forced their intentions to save one thing or another I thought, man these people are so deep in the forest they can’t even  see the trees.

While deployed, we were all about saving. Saving a country, humanity, lives and democracy and by God we did.  Back home we are so worried about saving other “mammals” in some cases we are missing the mark back at home.  We have beauty queens getting hammered by the press (not that I really give two shits about the press) because she has more testosterone in her little finger than those have in their whole body that are pointing their fingers at her.  By the way she has much more than testosterone including brains and guts and oh by the way she is Miss California, God Bless America! Those ass bags that are giving her hell for believing in what she stands for I’m sure are real brave and their parents I’m sure are real proud of their representation too…not.  Hey beauty queen bashers, here is a news flash, I feel the same way as Miss Cali does, now come beat up on me, what not the same? Didn’t think so, cowards.

That’s just it, what are we doing getting so wrapped up about someone’s opinion and what they believe in when our own country is going to hell in a hand basket?  Really, you want to utilize the free world press to bash a beauty queen because she doesn’t believe in same sex marriages? Good call, don’t worry about unemployment that is in the shitter or that the  democratic party nor republicans know which way is up and all we can do is deplete our own country and give the farm away. I can promise you our enemies are laughing their ass off right now at us.  They don’t have to attack us, we are killing ourselves step by step.

Here is an idea, get a backbone, reinforce your beliefs (I could care less what your beliefs are, just have some for a change for the love of God…or perhaps look back at the ones your parents taught you….some call them morals ) and let’s make America what it can be or should I say should be.  If you don’t get a backbone, if you don’t give a crap and prioritize your “major” concerns then be ready to be very, very  uncomfortable and restricted in everything you do, everything.  

Sheep follow, sheep dogs lead. Now is the time for new leaders to stand up and make a difference. How? You know how, do some soul searching, you’ll know.  Leaders are eager for times like these because true  leaders like to win for what they believe in. So instead of crushing ourselves from within as a country, worrying about saving this or that or some things we don’t even  have control over, I say we win and let’s try here at home and save America!

(some history of the "Dont tread on me flag: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gadsden_flag)


  1. I like it when you write posts like this…lol!
    Funny but I’ve been thinking a lot about the press. I think they’re a huge part of why I get so down about where we’re going. They give such a slanted view of the world.
    This Miss California thing is the perfect example. I was home watching (I was bored) the press conferences both days between the Miss California pageant and then the next day, the Donald’s press conference. I watched local So Cal news and national media, leave out details, give commentary and provide their own slant when reporting later. Never mind the fact that the citizens of California have spoken and said they believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. Seems they all forgot to mention THAT in the news reports. As if Miss California’s perspective is somehow odd and unusual.
    And then I had the not so pleasurable experience of interacting with a reporter myself this week. He not only didn’t like my response (which was that I didn’t have a comment and he should contact the PAO) but via email later, he revealed completely incorrect information which shows he wasn’t even paying attention to the DETAILS (the accurate, correct details) which should be number one on a reporter’s list.
    When I watched Taking Chance on Friday night, I felt better about our country. Doesn’t seem like we hear as many of the voices that actually give a damn about this country. The only voices are the ones the elitist press want us to see and hear. I was beginning to wonder if there were anymore people out there like those who showed respect and honor to LCpl Phelps on his journey home. I realize now they’re out there like they always were. Just as the tea party movement and others like it show that people are tired of all of this. We don’t realize we’re not alone in our perspective because the press isn’t interested in showing the full story. They’re interested in an agenda.
    I have a little more hope now after watching that movie. If only we could have a press in this country that reports and doesn’t editorialize.

  2. Didn’t really follow the beauty pageant thing. Too worried about Swat Valley. Taliban so close to nuclear weapons. Looks like Pakistan finally stepped up, but who knows how long that will last. And Petraeus says Al Quaeda’s weaker, but the fact that they’re skipping town and heading to North Africa doesn’t make me feel safer. It seems absurd to me that a beauty pageant should be getting so much scrutiny.

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