Im sure there is someone out there a lot smarter than me and knows a lot
more about the "Swine Flu" or H1N1. Taken from the movie "Armageddon "
You're NASA,  You're the guys that think this shit up! I'm sure you've got
people in a room, just thinkin' shit up!

But have any of those 200 pound brains at NASA or any other secret squirrel
agency been thinking about why? Why now?  Why has the common flu been around
for who knows how long building and rebuilding different bacteria strings
and then all of a sudden BAM The attack of the swines..Since the mid 20th
century Swine Flu has been present but never passed from one human to

If mutated and changed to become compatible and passed from human to human
it is one hell of a test bed to see what we (US) would do if perhaps a more
serious chemical agent was ingested.  I'm just saying, there are zealous
morons out there willing to blow themselves up, why wouldn't they willingly
infect themselves with a H1N1 flu and start shaking hands. So why not
instead of blowing yourself up or injecting yourself with H1N1 why not some
other cocktail/  Ya I know all you 400 pound brain guys are about to chew
that theory up and spit it out i.e. the host wouldn't live long enough to
expose enough victim etc etc.. I'm just saying, it's a hell of a


  1. Ok, im not all freaking out cause of the flu…its a flu…but if you step back there is morethan meets the eye here.

  2. There are two many flus in one for this to be a cooincidence-swine, avian, humans. Are zoos worried about their birds coming down with anything?I think that something escaped out of a lab before it was done.Why weren’t CNN reporters allowed in the Mexican Smithfield plant? Imagine my ham and, Farmland stuff coming from Mexico. I’ll take a little ride up to the Amish this weekend.

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