Seal Ranger Up Fake pirates with eye patches, peg legs, and hooks for hands in the movies = cool.

Real pirates attacking ships in international waters = not cool.

Real pirates attacking American ships and taking American hostages = dumb.

Real pirates thinking that being towed by a U.S. Naval Ship and threatening to shoot an American Citizen with Navy SEALs a mere 25 meters away is a safe proposition = hilariously dumb.

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  1. Next up, can we see an old British solution to piracy being used by the American forces, please?
    The old trick was to locate the port the pirates operated out of, sail a warship close to it with full colours flying (so that there’s no mistake about who the warship belongs to) and proceed to bombard said port with a view to destroying each and every important-looking structure in range.
    Given that modern Somalis may be fairly literate, adding a few leaflet bombs with slogans on the lines of “Pirates are operating from this port. If you don’t want to be bombarded, kick out the pirates!”.

  2. Spot on Dan H.Good people will do the right thing,if they are able.Alot of people you just have to show them the fire power.But for the few bad guys causing most of the problems”Airation”.USMC airation.They used to call it a deturent.If you show somalians that pirates are pussy’s and you can’t spend it if your dead.That would be an important deturent that nobody else has explained to them.Fallujah Iraq.God Bless

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