No, Afghanistan isn’t Iraq. Keep in mind, there are few roads period through Afghanistan, let alone roads where bad guys like to hide…..and they do like to hide. I would still take 12 mules and the lift capability of an US Army CH-47 in place of this shinny new truck….plus it’s a lot easier to refuel a mule than refuel a truck in the 14,000 foot mountains. Plus if you travel with mules, off the norm beat roads, you are a hard target for IEDs because they don’t know where you will walk…..just saying. (Fox News) Ask any soldier who's been to both countries: Afghanistan is not Iraq. It's a different war against a different enemy in a different country with an entirely different terrain and altitude. 0_61_033109_mrap

One thing is the same, though. The Improvised Explosive Device — the deadly "IED" roadside bombs that blew up Humvees and the soldiers inside them along the dusty roads of Iraq — is an equally effective weapon in the rocky steeps of Afghanistan. When the Humvee proved unable to withstand IED attacks in Iraq, the U.S. military built a new vehicle — the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) — to replace it. And like a neglected sibling, the troops in Afghanistan automatically acquired the MRAP as a hand-me-down. It's the wrong vehicle for the new war. “Best vehicle in Afghanistan? Two legs. And maybe a mule to pack the .50 caliber machine gun,” Arizona National Guardsman Anthony McGee said, only half-jokingly. "Breakdowns were an almost everyday occurrence."


  1. I lost a very good friend to an IED attack 5 years ago in Iraq. The IED itself wasn’t what killed him, it was the disabling of he vehicle and then he was murdered by small fire. It was devastating then and still is now.
    Please be safe over there.

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