(Fox News) First, President Obama sends a message to the Muslim world, effectively apologizing for the policies of George W. Bush. Excuse me, but shouldn’t the Muslim world be apologizing to America for their contributions to the radicalization of their brethren that led them to kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11?

Then, Secretary of State Clinton criticizes the country she represents and does it on Mexican soil, no less. She blames the demand for drugs in America for the drug cartels and violence in Mexico. She is partially right about this. Demand does lead to supply.

Great nations don’t apologize unless they are guilty of a serious moral affront (The Holocaust, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are two that come to mind as worthy of apologies).

But if an apology or confession is to be made, it should be delivered in private, not in public. Besides, what good does it do? Unless she has a suggested policy to accompany her confession or apology, I fail to see how it lowers the level of violence in Mexico or reduces the demand for illegal drugs in the U.S.

Some conservatives — notably the late William F. Buckley, Jr.,– called for legalizing drugs as a means of taking the profit out of them, which would inevitably, he argued, reduce the violence and eliminate the need for addicts to steal in order to buy drugs, many of which are corrupted by the time they get to the street.

There are many downsides to such an approach, but it is worth serious debate. At least that would qualify as a serious policy proposal. Great nations don’t apologize unless they are guilty of a serious moral affront (The Holocaust, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are two that come to mind as worthy of apologies). Don’t look for the mullahs to apologize for anything they do. Don’t expect Saudi Arabia to apologize for spreading a virulent form of Islam around the world (including inside America).

Apologies and confessions might make some Americans feel better about their country, but in a dangerous world it sends a signal to our enemies that we are weak. And weakness invites terrorists to attack us again.


I got an apology, I’m sorry for all of those who have lost loved ones during 9/11 and while kicking ass in Iraq & Afghani.. I’m sorry we didn’t come with the entire Marine Corps and stomp the shit out of all terrorists in the country sooner. I’m sorry, If our M1 tanks and low flying F18s bother you as they hunt you scumbag terrorists down.  I’m sorry we haven’t constructed a Wal-Mart chain in your country and show you what capitalism is really all about.  I’m not sorry to call this war a War on Terrorism. I’m not sorry for all of the evil scumbags we help meet Allah. I’m not sorry for any of the terrorists about to be set free out of quantamino. I’m not sorry to tell any drug infested waste of air drug lord that we will hunt you down next and I’m not one bit sorry or going to take blame for our amigos to the south for their lack of intestinal fortitude to stand up to the drug lords.


  1. One or two years ago, I would have agreed that drug demand leads to supply. Now that I have a recovering heroin addict as a son, I have learned some about the addict personality.
    Recent research has demonstrated that depending on genetic makeup even small doses of certain drugs rewires the mid-brain (seat of flight or fight decisions) to demand drugs. It essentially bypasses higher brain functions limiting the addicts self control.
    I mention this because it seems to me that the easy access to drugs due to the volume shipped into this country creates the insatiable demand. Perhaps if we actually control what comes into our country we can save the next generation some of the pain caused by drug addiction. By the way according to my son I can thank illegal’s in Ca and Ut for providing my his access to drugs.
    Looking back to the Navy’s efforts to get the Jimmy Carter dead wood out I wonder if we should not have provided more care to the addicts before we put on them street (During operation “Bottom Blow” ship Co’s could discharge E1 and below at mast and they would be civilians that afternoon). I am not implying that we should have let them stay in, just that they had a disease.

  2. “Great nations don’t apologize unless they are guilty of a serious moral affront (The Holocaust, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are two that come to mind as worthy of apologies).”
    What about Hiroshima?
    What about Vietnam?
    What about Korea?
    What about Iraq? (Where the hell are the mass destruction weapons hidding?)
    What about Sierra Leone?
    What about Panama?
    What about Cambodia?
    Want more to apologize about?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_Wars
    Are YOU gonna tell me in all that list you can’t find “a serious moral affront”?
    For making nuclear warheads.
    For being patrolling the world violating every sovereign country just because we can.
    For creating and hosting the UN but not respecting or even listen to it’s resolutions.
    For avoiding the Kyoto Protocol.
    Self-criticism anyone?
    Stop looking to the tiniest spot on others shoes and realize we are all covered with mud.

  3. JoeL I’m trying to think of another great nation you could live in that would be more to your liking, but the name of that utopia escapes me. In the meantime I am one American who is very tired of people like you who have no problem taking advantage of America’s freedoms to spout your vitriol.
    Maj Pain I agree with you and I think there are many Americans like me who have not been vocal before now but feel they can no longer stand silent while our country goes to hell. Time to get back to the Constitution.

  4. Interesting conversation. What shows greater signs of weakness? The country whose leaders apologize for mistakes… or the country whose warriors question their commanders?
    “Time to get back to the constitution”???? “Give me a Marine over a sniveling liberal”???
    Give ME a break. This is a political and dimplomatic debate. The Marine exists to kick ass, not talk politics. Maj Pain… let me know when they replace your weapon with a bouquet of flowers. In the meantime – do your job and follow your command.
    By the way, I thought the pentagon put an end to military blogs. My little brother was going to set one up just so he could let people know he was alive – not so he could question his commanding officers… but he said it had to get cleared through multiple channels and it was too much of a hassle.
    I’m surpised the auditors cleared this sniveling lack of respect for authority.
    Oh and if you do have a complaint about our leadership “it should be delivered in private, not in public. Besides, what good does it do?”

  5. Matt, can you point out where in the post Maj P is showing a lack of respect for military authority? I can’t find it…
    Every citizen of this country has a right to question CIVILIAN authorities and criticize their legislation and decision making. Even the Commander In Chief!

  6. Maj., seems you kicked over the liberal, anti-American(but I repeat myself) ant hill, and the ants came out. Joe, just to address a couple of your “points”,
    Making nuclear weapons, nothing to apologize for, kept us free, ended the Soviet Union.
    Hiroshima, nothing to apologize for. It ended a World War, with far fewer casualties than an invasion would have caused.
    Korea, nothing to apologize for. The North invaded the South, and the United Nations, your fav organization, btw, sent troops from a lot of countries to fight the invasion.
    Avoiding the Kyoto protocol? Come on, no one abided by that protocol after it was signed.
    Anyone using Wikipedia for their arguments is lame to begin with. Why not try using something fact-based, not what makes the poster feel all warm and fuzzy?

  7. All I see is a bunch of tough guys behind a computer screen.
    I spent 8 years in the service, and what did I meet? Murderous racists that take delight in killing criminals and civilians alike if they don’t like the country they came from.
    Which is why I decided to leave. The military is full of idiots and sprinkled with a few good men.

  8. Im sorry for you 2 dumbasses (JP and matt) What your life has been reduced to is going on the computer and telling our armed forces how they are wrong?? You woudnt be sitting on your fat ass right now talking down to the men who keep you alive you dont deserve the right to live as one of us a american…… Anything else you got GarrettHB@gmail.com

  9. can you make it show the number of cmoments to a post on the main page? for some backwards reason that’s how i usually look to see if anything’s happening on something (to comment or to re-comment). but without it i lose heart and become stubborn. ( there’s no way i’m gonna click on every one of those every day!’)

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