GO TO WAR, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU With the current economic times becoming even more apparent for the military and absurd at the same time as companies receive bonuses in these trying times, another double fisted blow is being shuffled in the deck.

Not only will wounded service members not receive the continued care they have been getting but be forced to go through private insurance companies and have them pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. This means one thing…..lesser medical care for our wounded heroes. Do you really think they will be able to afford the same state of the art prosthesis technology through “civilian” care? Additionally, the service members who continue to fight the war against terrorism, as by the way is still ongoing and hasn’t finished, will continue to do so with the weapons systems of yesterday. With the Sec of Defense stating in the article below, we will be doing much more, with much less….whats next skim on the body armor? Maybe it’s not too late to ask for all of those hummers back that we told Iraq, they could keep since we were getting an immediate replacement…… For all of the wounded service members out there that will get this blunt in the chest, you are in our thoughts. You deserve better.


  1. This just ain’t right. Wounded veterans deserve the best medical care we can provide, at no cost. The new President is a complete disaster for America. Its time to identify a candidate who can beat him at the polls in 2012.

  2. I am repulsed and disgusted that such a thing would even come from the lips of an American president.
    We are at a country at WAR.
    Yes, the new president is a complete disaster.
    Has it been 4 years yet?
    Truly, God help us please.

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