The POTUS was in fact on the stage for "Hail to the Chief" From Seamus: “I received several e-mails stating the President was not present, on the stage, when the National Anthem was played at Camp Lejeune last week. A reporter named Hal Turner was the guy reporting this.

I asked LtGen Denny Hejlik, the Commanding General of II MEF, Camp Lejeune, NC, and this is what Gen Hejlik wrote back. Please notice he cleared me hot to post this. I am no big fan of the present administration, but I do strive to be strictly fair with everything posted on the All Hands. Thanks and Semper Fi, General” Seamus–Totally NOT true. The POTUS was in fact on the stage for "Hail to the Chief" and the National Anthem. Immediately after the signing of our anthem he stepped up to the podium and began to speak. After his remarks he spent more than an hour talking one on one to Marines/Sailors to include our wounded warriors from II MEF. How do I know the above is accurate? Simple I was the Marine general on the stage and I was his escort for the visit. Whoever "hal turner" is he is dead wrong and it is this type of disinformation that hurts our country. Seamus you may pass this on to all. Respectfully, LtGen DJ Hejlik


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