So Kevin Bacon came to Quantico Va to visit during the premier of “Taking Chance”. Along LCpl Chance’s parents. It’s a tough one to watch without letting your emotions kick in while at the same time you overflow with pride. Regardless if you don’t know a warrior or parents that have lost one, you should watch tonight. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Semper Fi




  1. Cried through the entire movie… As a side thought: from what I’ve heard and from what I saw in the movie, the entire process from Iraq/Afghan to Dover is so intimate, it just re-enforced my opinion that we cannot allow media at Dover, no way…

  2. Somebody must be cutting onions. That movie was great. Its good to see that they had an ACTIVE duty Marine to keep things squared away. The Phelps family is in my prayers, God be with them. They raised an American Hero.

  3. The movie was everything I expected. And I too cried from the opening scene.
    Yes the DVD get’s released on 5/19. you can preorder now at the HBO Store website..

  4. This was very touching – gave me chills and made me cry. The part where they were driving to Wyoming and the truck passed them, and then the rest of the vehicles did and then we realized they turned it into a procession…wow! I appreciated the glimpse it gave me into that sad but inspiring part of our Corps and military.

  5. The scenes at Dover, as those women so carefully and tenderly cleaned Chance’s body, will remain in my memory forever. The whole movie took on that same tone and made you feel that you were a part of the unfolding events. HBO, the actors, directors and all who took part in this amazing story are to be congratulated and thanked.
    To the Phelps family. You gave more than we should ever ask from any family, but Chance will live forever in our hearts. May God richly bless you.
    And to Lt. Col. Stroble you have given beyond measure with your remembrance. Thank you.

  6. I watched this with a friend, who asked why Lt.Col. Stroble got so effected over someone he didn’t know, and wasn’t the film a bit melodramatic. I hope I made a good job of answering her, as I had no such questions.
    In helping with Run For the Fallen this summer, I noticed a lot of what Lt.Col Stroble did–the young man who drove remains to the airports as his way of helping, the landscapers & airport grounds crew offering respect, and the airline staff–and I did not see it as melodramatic…it’s the way we should be. Thanks for posting this Major P, I might have missed it otherwise. I watched it again with my father (Armoured Divsion, Army in his day) and he thanked me, saying he hoped this took some of the mystery out of Dover for the media & they see the need to honor these soldiers with the respect & privacy due to them, and their familes. Thanks to the Phelps for allowing this to be put into film. I liked seeing the pictures of Chance, at the end. He is in so many more hearts now, and that is a good thing.

  7. Great movie, well done and Bacon was perfect for that roll. I have seen a few posts saying that the media should not be allowed to cover Dover. I’m not sure I understand why people feel that way. Its something we all need to see as far as I’m concerned. It was the publication of his letter in the mainstream media that got the movie done. The media will do a good job, remember they are Americans too. Many have died telling the stories of our guys in Iraq. More then any other war. They are respectful at all the burials I’ve witnessed at Arlington National Cemetery, which they cover almost daily. If you don’t see it then you can’t make an informed judgment. Food for thought.

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