Below is a letter from one commander in Iraq. This just goes to show how much we are pulling out of the city area of Iraq and have turned it over to the Iraqi's. But you dont hear that in the news!

  These are the final newsletter comments that I will send while deployed with our Marines and Sailors to Iraq,

and what a deployment it has been! From Habbaniyah, Saqlawiyah, and Lake Thar Thar, to Rawah and Anah and Rutbah, to the Sahl Sinjar Airfield and the expansive western Ninewa Province, this battalion has covered an extraordinary amount of ground over the past months and our Marines and Sailors have approached every mission, assignment, and operating area with resolve, dedication and spirit. I have been consistently impressed with everything – absolutely everything – they have done for this battalion and for our mission in Iraq. Our success rests on the sturdy shoulders of the hundreds of Marines and Sailors throughout this great battalion – and they have never failed. 

    Fittingly, at this time, one word comes to mind – thanks! Thanks to all of our wonderful families, our wonderful wives, our great friends, and our superb support networks for everything, they have done for all of the Marines and Sailors in 1st Battalion, 2d Marines, particularly over the past seven months. Your love and support for our Marines and Sailors has been consistent, easily noticeable, and heartfelt, and I owe you my personal thanks and gratitude. It has certainly been my pleasure to command these extraordinary men during our tenure in Iraq, as it has been throughout my tenure in command, and your love and support has enabled them to focus intently on their mission and achieve so much for the citizens of Iraq, our Marine Corps, and our United States. As I have often told them, there is no more honorable thing that a man can do in his lifetime than what they have done in preparing for and executing this highly important mission in Iraq. When you see your Marine or Sailor when he gets home, thank him for being an honorable man and for being so faithful and loyal to a cause much bigger than himself. Clearly, not every man is of this ilk – our men are. 
    Regarding those who are so selfless, who sacrifice so often, and who accomplish so much, the question is often asked: where do we find such men? My answer is simple – we find them throughout the ranks of 1st Battalion, 2d Marines! 
Long live 1st Battalion, 2d Marines, and success to our Corps!
God Bless and Semper Fidelis,
LtCol Winand
Commanding Officer
1st Battalion, 2d Marine


  1. I never hear any news anymore coming out of Iraq unless I search some of the military sites that I found at the height of the war. Thanks to people like you for trying to get info out so we can keep up.
    I would like to know what your thoughts are about GATES. Fear back here in the states is that OBAMA is going to take our country way to the LEFT and try very hard to silence talk radio. YOU know – freedom of speech and freedom to know.
    There is alot of activity going on to the south of our border – Mexico, Cuba and Russia, and Venizula. Maybe your not suppose to comment on these. But I have a fear that this administration doesn’t care about keeping our homeland safe. This would give him the purpose to impose marshall law. Do you think Gates would stomach this? Are the men and women who love our country and working hard to protect this great country listening to the warning signs? It has been a long time since our nation has had a President purposely turn a blind eye to our enemies on purpose.
    Congress rushes through stimulus without giving people a chance to read it. All kinds of things are being done that have never been done before now. I realize you are just one voice/opinion. But after reading Oliver North and his views. I am getting a little worried.
    I appreciate your service and thanks for keeping us informed since the media has forgotten how to.
    Thanks a bunch for your input.
    Mrs. Rosin

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