By Kevin Reece / 11 News

MATAGORDA, Texas – A 20 mile procession, carrying 100 American flags, began in Bay City and went all the way to a rural home in Matagorda.  It was to honor a father, a son, and a brother who was killed in Iraq. 

A mile of American flags honor fallen Matagorda soldier
February 11, 2009 View larger E-mail Clip More Video Sergeant Joshua Ward is the latest to die in Iraq.  It happened in Mosul.  His family found out on Monday.

"My son would appreciate this so much. He would really be proud," said Patti Ward, Joshua’s mother.

Joshua did three tours in Iraq. He dedicated his life to his country and his family.

"He wanted to be there. I begged him not to go,” said Patti. "But if every kid didn’t go because his mom told him not to, there would be nobody to save the world."

Military Moms and Wives of Brazoria County crossed the Matagorda line to plant the flags and mark the home of a hero. But this isn’t the first time that they’ve lost someone in the war.

"I'm tired of doing this. We've been dong it for the last six years," said Mary Moreno.

Joshua Ward joins more than 4,000 other brothers and sisters who have given their lives for their country.

"He will always be a hero and he will never be forgotten. No one can take that away from him. There won't ever be another man like him," said Brandi Ward, Joshua’s sister.

The American flags stretched a full mile and extended down to Highway 60 to honor where a hero lived and where his memory always will.



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