After 42 deaths and the use of 4,600 National Guardsman, the state among adjacent states are suffering low temps, most without water and electricity. From Missouri to Ohio, thousands were waiting in shelters for the power to return. As far away as Oklahoma, around 10,000 customers still had no electricity. There are no families standing on their roof tops yelling for help, they would freeze. The common folk say “they can handle it”,” they will get through it”. That’s not really the point. The point is, they need help. Several military at smaller military bases in the area have their service members leaving base for the safety of their families and are moving into hotels. Think they will get reimbursed? Highly doubt it. They can stay and “get” help at the base that has little logistics because of its size but what they need is federal help now! POST YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS. Maybe FEMA will read them!


  1. Wow. You make a good point.
    But forget FEMA – Where is Al Sharpton when we need him? Where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson? Why are they not outraged?
    I guess snow and ice is not as glamorous as breached levee walls…..or maybe the population affected by these storms are too spread out that the logistics of holding a press conference would be too daunting?
    Could they be hung over from the $$160MM inauguration? Or could they be right?
    Maybe the folks affected by THIS natural disaster are USED TO FENDING FOR THEMSELVES…and therefore don’t go crying when nature dumps on them?
    Food for thought.

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