1. I LOVE flyovers! I get so mad at FOX sometimes because they fail to show the planes during the NASCAR pre-race flyovers.
    It’s got to be coincidence, but sometimes we have a little single-engine plane that flies over Summit Point Raceway (in beautiful West “By God” Virginia) during the morning’s playing of the National Anthem. I don’t know who’s piloting that little bird, but we never have major accidents on days when he’s done his flyover!

  2. One of the best experiences during my USAF short career was to be honored to attend a base commander change over.Two FB-111’s flew so low they had caught a tree on fire as they kicked it into over drive,not a hat left on anyones head.Needless to say apologies were made to the locals and thanks to the fire dept.Power,Pride and Patriotism always brings a tear.Oorraahh

  3. Thanks to the pilots, and to all that make it possible for them to do it. It was the best part of all the events planned for the game. After having the privledge of witnessing a Missing Man Flyover at Arlington when a friend & Vietnam P.O.W. was buried 2 years ago, every similar flyover makes me cry & remember Ed. What an exceptional beginning for the Super Bowl. Everything said in the clip here, is true. It brings us together.

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