1. Wow!! A whole bunch of whooop ass. Hopefully, the Air Force will continue to take delivery of these fine machines. The military experts at MSNBC seem to feel there’s no need for advanced fighters, I guess they think the pilots should just fly the F-15 until it starts to fall apart around them. They want the Obamunist to cancel that project, among the others they feel aren’t “necessary”.

  2. It really sounds like a good platform. However, as a man on the ground, I’d be concerned if it showed up overhead with only a JDAM and 420 rounds of 20mm for its cannon. If you read the specifics, there is no question as to why it’s an “F-22” and “F/A-22.”

  3. I caught wind of this air craft a few years back.It also has some ground support capabilites.The goverment order was about 320 or so.But with the arrival of the new messiah we must wait and see.Israel has requested some of these wings of woop ass also.Marines and f22’s.OOOrraahh God Bless America

  4. OBAMUNISTS??????? Thank you.. I am still laughing, that’s the best one yet.
    What a marvelous machine this jet is.
    you know, I bet after David whooped Goliath’s hiney with a SLINGSHOT.. the philistines said.. “I gotta get me one of those!”

  5. Pretty amazing. I wish it had more fire power. But I suppose it can fly cover for B-52s which despite being 50+ year old design are always 100% accurate… every bomb they drop hits the ground.

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