Here is an update and more info regarding the movi from SEAMUS….another great American who sent this to me from his buddy.

As requested, here is some info on the movie "Taking Chance."

The movie will debut on HBO on evening of Feb 21st.  There will be a
screening at Quantico on Feb 10th at the base theater.  It's my
understanding that it is sold out.  I was with Kevin Bacon last Friday and
he said he intends to be at the Quantico screening.  Gretchen and John
(Chance's mother and father) will be there as well.  She's coming out on the
9th and staying with us.  Unfortunately, Jeff can't make it.  After the
Quantico screening we're all heading up to New York for a couple of
screenings there.

Since you've seen the movie, I'll let you offer your critique on All Hands
if you care to.  From my perspective, Stacey and I are very proud of the
film.  All of the executives at HBO, the cast, and crew were incredible.
They all were very dedicated to staying true to the original story, keeping
politics out of it, and making something memorable and worthy of Chance's
sacrifice.  I think they succeeded on all accounts.  The Devil Dogs in the
USMC Public Affairs office have seen the movie and were quite happy with it.
Of much greater importance, Chance's family has seen it and I believe they,
too, are quite proud.

Stacey and I are heading off TAD to the Sundance Film Festival tomorrow to
attend the world premiere on Friday evening.  I'm astonished to say that
"Taking Chance" was one of 16 movies selected, out of approximately 3,000
submissions, to compete at Sundance in the Dramatic competition.

I've included below a few links that might be of interest.

I hope all Marines are proud of this movie and I hope to see you again soon.

Semper Fi,


  1. I don’t have HBO. And I’m bummed because I’d love to see this. It makes me happy to hear they’ve kept politics out of the film. Thanks for letting us know about it. Perhaps it’ll be released in DVD form at some point? If so, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

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