1. Usually I don’t like music on sites, I turn the volume down on the computer, however, this is the ONLY blog where I like music because the tune selection is excellent.
    I wish I could get a CD w/the selections he picks out. I like his taste in music!

  2. The music here is very good and does not detract at all from reading the post, in my humble opinion. Please keep it here. GOd Bless the U.S. Marines! Sempre Fi!!

  3. No, I like the music. I just have to remember when I’m at work to turn down my speakers. (Yes, I check when I’m at work!!)

  4. The only thing I would change is that the music starts only when I push the play button and not automatically since I usually am listening to other music in the background. It’s weird when one starts to play at the same time as the other… 🙂 Usually I have to hurry and push the stop button on one of them before it starts playing simultaneously.

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