What about the public Elvis? Jan 8th 2009 he will be 73. You say he is dead right? Well if he was alive or just “in” the public the following are a few items he would be involved with and doing.

He would have been the one next to President Reagan during his last moments, he would have sang a tribute to the loss of the shuttle disasters. Today’s Elvis would be involved in politics without a doubt. Perhaps a senator or governor……..home land security?
He might have been recalled for Operation Desert Storm back into the Army and could have held a high rank. (poor Iraqi’s). If he wasn’t in the service he would have surely performed with Dick Clark and Bob Hope over seas. Nonetheless, he knows how to fight terrorism!
Today’s Elvis would have been the other republican nominee for this year presidency….and would have won.
Although everyone is going “green”, Elvis would be going “gold”…..again.
He wouldn’t allow Marie to marry Michael Jackson……yuk.
He would probably own the Dallas Cowboys football team and also spice up the cheerleaders outfits with more sequins.
Latest hits would include….
Viva Las Baghdad and you’ve lost that Afghani feeling……
Ya, Elvis is still taking care of business, even on his birthday.
Here is to the legend and we burned  a king CAO for the King of Rock & Roll.
Keep your eyes peeled and you too may catch Elvis in your town next……


  1. Ya know, I love ya dude, in a “man, that is one fucked up Marine” kinda way, but I may just have to call out the boys with the white jackets for you…..too many camel farts done fried your brain.

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