Cricket……things sure seem quit in Iraq. At least in the news you don’t hear anything about what is happening. After talking to a few buds over there my old stomping grounds……well are stomping, they are peaceful. Matter of fact several Coalition forces have actually pulled out of most of the cities in Iraq. 

Pssssss we have won……………

Afghanistan, it’s crazy, battles every day, dogs and cats living together total chaos…………hold your horses, Mr Pulitzer prize seeker.  Afghani was a bit frisky 90 days ago………..why, because it was harvesting season and frankly they get a bit crabby  when people try to take their drug crops. Not really Americans but others seeking to steal their crops.  Is it still frisky, sure but with the winter in full affect things are pretty quite……………..but how much have you heard about it?  Not much.

 As the holidays approach, keep in mind your warriors are kicking ass and taking names. Holidays will come, holidays will go, its just another day with a different meal at the chow hall……..maybe depending on where your stationed.

Keep them in your thoughts because again, we are winning and really almost won.


  1. As much as I hate to say it, this victory probably will not get any press coverage.
    In fact, I will not be surprised to see it used as ‘evidence’ that ‘Bush’s War’ never needed to happen.
    Politics and the media suck, we should all be celebrating how much ass our service members have been kicking and we should be proud of how much our nation has accomplished in Iraq.
    Its great to hear you say ‘we’re winning’. Really, it has made my day to hear it from someone who actually knows whats going on (unlike all of us here who are left in the dark by our media).

  2. Our Citizens deserve to know that their Troops are doing great things in both Afghanistan and Iraq. They deserve to know what the media is not telling them.
    Perhaps, now that the media’s star politician has aligned with their political pursuits, the media will begin reporting more of the truth, but this war was not won on the next CinC’s watch. He did all in his power to lose it.

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