Grace under fire 

This is a great book that takes snapshots from several wars and battles and lets you see what they were fighting for one page at a time. Grace Under Fire shows the fighting spirit, realism and personality of our warriors through every battle dating back to the civil war. A great read and a big eye opener for those you know who don’t see the day to day life of our service members of today.  See more here


  1. Maj – I first became aware of Andrew Carroll in 1999 when I purchased his “Letters of a Nation”. His war chronicles and literacy projects are remarkable; he is a national treasure in his own right. Thanks for introducing him to your buds.

  2. Major,
    I met Andrew Carroll, a very real individual, on two occasions at the Abbey Regina Laudis in Bethlehem,CT. He graciously signed Letters of a Nation for my husband and Grace under Fire, which we purchased for my father-in-law,John,a WWII POW. John truly appreciated Mr.Carroll’s book and the note he inscribed for him. Over the years,John has spoken very little of his war experiences. He has opened up more recently, especially to his grandchildren.
    While at the book signing, I told Mr. Carroll about our involvement with the Any Soldier program. He was very interested in obtaining correspondence from contacts, if possible. I told him that Marty Horn would need to be contacted.
    Although I have many notes/emails from troops that we have supported over the years, I did not feel right about sharing them.
    Andrew Carroll is a passionate researcher and a remarkable author. I highly recommend his books.

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