What do troops need now? Although many are going nuts getting up at zero dark thirty to go shopping (not me…I’ll be snoozing) the troops are still keeping the wolf at bay! Although every day seems like the exact same day, day after day, as Americans, they know it was Thanksgiving and they know Christmas is 4 weeks away. How you can help. You need to send them support letters and care packages. I had a couple supporters send support stuff wrapped, very cool. Although it was shampoo and stuff, it didn’t matter because it was like we got our Christmas. Every day is the exact as the one before without maybe an extra convoy or perhaps an attack, otherwise its ground hog day. You can change that up by sending care packages or support letters. For all that is holy, throw them a bone and let them know you care for them. Seriously, it takes a big 45 minutes to put something together and send it off. The pay off, priceless for those kicking ass and taking names! Check out www.anysoldier.com to pick from a couple thousand service members to choose from. Throw em a bone!


  1. Hey Major… You getting slow in your older age…. 45 minutes to pack?? Got it down to less than 30min, each package, with card, labels, goodies and a touch of love..lot’s of the love stuff..
    Come on folks… the Major is correct…
    Let’s do it for our troops…They are over there doing it for us.. No matter how large or small it may seem to you… our guys and gals can feel the love and that is “Priceless”…
    A card of just Thank You from a small child or a grandma will more than warm their hearts.. It will put big smiles on the faces of many.
    However, also from my point of view… there is NO GREATER feeling in my heart once that box or envelope is sealed and on it’s way..
    Please folks.. Join me and go to AnySoldier.com check out some of the units not receiving much… send them something.
    I guarantee it will be the best Christmas gift you will ever receive knowing you have given something special… A part of yourself..

  2. This is my third year of sending packages to our troops (299 so far this year) and the Christmas boxes are a way to return to the Christmases of long ago when the emphasis was on giving to others.I would like to thank my helpers for another year of taking care of our troops:Connor,Lynda,Tom,Art,Rico,
    Jim,Frank,Jeff,Jules,Pam,Shellee,,Fred,Don,Dave C,Dave E

  3. I found anysoldier two years ago and love sending packages all year long but Christmas ones are extra special. Just got done sending a bunch to my “adopted” guys and to two friends and fellow Patriot Guard Riders. I never expect a thank you or letter but there is no feeling like getting a letter in the mail that says “free mail”…I cry every time.

  4. Hey Devil Dog !
    I’d like to send a care package to you and your Marines if possible. All the Marines I have listed have enough support being sent to them.

  5. This year I’m actually sending packages to a Marine I know – – in the past I’ve adopted strangers. I have to share a great thing about a local Fairfax county vendor, Cigar Town at Fairfax Corner. I went to buy cigars and the sales person was very helpful, since I don’t have a clue about a good cigar. I had told him I was looking for a good gift to send to a friend deployed. When the salesman rang me up he said, “With the military discount, that will be…” and I stopped him and said, “I’m not in the military” (I don’t want to take a discount that I am not privledged to have) and he said, “The cigars are going to someone in the military, so I’m going to give you the discount.” I just thought that was so cool and had to pass it on.

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