During your hectic Thanksgiving approaching, remember. Remember the warriors spread throughout the deployed regions kicking ass and taking names especially during this holiday season. Most will have somewhat of a “Turkey” dinner, but many will not. Many will continue on and besides someone saying “hey it’s Thanksgiving”, it won’t be like any other day.  So remember as its cold as hell out side, it’s probably raining in Iraq or snowing in Afghanistan.

 Remember those warriors won’t be getting to enjoy the daily awesome items we continue to take for granted. Know, those warriors abroad are the front line troops keeping the wolf at bay and at least we can do is be thankful they are there. Remember them in your prayers-Semper Fi & have a great Turkey Day!


  1. These men and women, who are far from home, are never far from my mind and prayers.
    Thank you for reminding us during this Thanksgiving season. They make it that we can celebrate and rejoice in Freedom and Security. Thanks from one American.

  2. This Thanksgiving, once again, I will pray G-d watches over the Greatest military that ever step foot on this planet. The United States military.
    BZO, or Die!

  3. This Thanksgiving, like all the ones before and all the ones to come, I am thankful for those who serve our country…those who leave their families to protect ours…who go without that family dinner on Thanksgiving so we can enjoy ours. Thank you, Lord, for men and women such as these.

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