1. I had to vote absentee since I work a 12 hour shift. My mom went to vote this morning and she said everything seemed to go ok-no Black Panthers here like in some places I saw on the news, but the Obama supporters here (few though they were in our red state, which stayed red, thank God), they were mocking McCain supporters. (Classy,huh?) Yeah…we’ll see how good they feel when they get that first tax hike. I’m not as nice as my mother; she’s not an “I told you so” person. Bad news…I AM.

  2. I took advantage of the early voting that’s available here in Texas. I voted a week ago Monday. There were 2 people in line in front of me, so it was quick, no problems.

  3. I voted…and now it is all a bad dream.
    I say God, Country, Corps!!
    My buddy Doug hit it right on the head: “…to call on all of us to slay that great idol of greed and materialism, and learn what it means once again to sacrifice, to live within our means, and to be better stewards of all the resources that God has given us.”
    Most do not want to hear this. They don’t want to live within their means; they want free housing, healthcare, internet access, and an X-box in every home, shorter work days and larger benefits for doing less.
    And so……they’ve now received what they hoped for: Mr. Hussein, the “change-maker” and giver of wealth to all! I think it will possibly be very easy to guess what is in store for our country. A brief glimpse into the “Communist Manifesto” should shed a little light in that area.
    I’m literally ‘floored’ and ‘dumbfounded’ as to what I’m witnessing. It’s actually hard to fathom. But….mankind hasn’t ever changed, so why should I be surprised that every nation in the history of mankind eventually goes down the same road and falls from within….and usually does so on the heels of great prosperity earned by the sacrifices of the generations gone before.
    God help us…..literally. We need to repent and beg for God’s forgiveness like Daniel did (Dan. 9:3-19) / “I prayed to the Lord my God and told Him about all of our sins…we are full of shame today…we have sinned against You…we have not stopped sinning…Lord listen! Lord forgive!”
    We romp naked in the streets of San Francisco with our Gay/Lesbian lovers, we murder 1.8 million babies every year, we allow greed, corruption, and injustice to prevail; thugs, gang-bangers, and street-rats, are glorified by the media and Hollywood, people throw feces on a statue of Christ and it’s “Art”, we rip the Ten Commandments from our walls and prayer from our schools, we have no moral compass and throw away our ethics, and on and on it goes.
    As long as the ‘King’ keeps their bellies fat with food and their homes full of the pleasures of the land and keeps them in the lap of luxury, then they don’t need God, and they don’t care what it costs; up to and including pure socialism.
    Again, God help us……literally.
    It’s angering to think that our Fore-Fathers sacrificed so much and did so with the literal blessing of God, and yet in the short span of 200 or so years it is now but all for not; or so it seems.
    Lord…forgive us and heal our land.

  4. I voted today for Obama and I really can’t wait for him to take the office. The whole time I was in the Corps I stayed on the right side. I really think the country needs some new views and new approaches at things to shake things up. I make money in the range that Obama wants to tax and I don’t really have an issue with it. This just means I will need to strive to do a little bit better.

  5. I voted in Minnesota… a very blue state. We had a few Republican seats change hands to Democrat, but not nearly as many as predicted. The Senate race is still too close to call at 1:30 am… a matter of about 10,000 votes (out of well over a million) with 93% of precincts reporting.
    I pray that the new Commander-in-chief will use his power wisely. There is so much at stake.

  6. I voted hoping for the best, now this morning I wake up to a very bleak future, indeed. God had better save us, since our Military won’t be able to. Where do you think the first cuts are going to come from in order to pay for those trillion dollar promises?

  7. My family voted red as always. I don’t even want to go outside today. It makes me sick to see how happy all the ignorant people right in my home state(NC)are about the election. (Yeah, whoopee, we’re gonna have a target for president.) And i’m sure there’s a lot of people in other parts of the world that are just as happy about the outcome as they are, because as soon as Mr.Hussein is in office, he’s gonna make us (as a nation) a target too. I’m sorry, but i’m a “see, told ya so.” kinda person myself. And i’m sure someday i’m gonna run into an Obama supporter who’s had his reality check, and say, “yep, you made history all right.”

  8. In my voting precinct, McCain poll workers were there at 5:30 AM (I know, my dad, ex-armoured division, was one of them). Obama supporters started setting up at 6:30 AM. Interesting, although in the end it didn’t matter.
    I agree with Milmom. Now we will find out how well the system of checks & balances will work. It is our only stopgap.
    Clinton damaged the military, cut intelligence; if Bush had not had so much ground to make up, would we have been so blindsided on September 11th? It seems ironic that a draftdodger was elected President and a war hero who did his duty and more than served his time, does not.
    To those who voted for Obama, I would like nothing better then to be proved wrong about your choice, but at the moment, I am very concerned.
    No one pleases everyone, and the pendulum will swing back, it always does–in the meantime, Terry Tate will pull his desk duty in a button up shirt, biding his time…(see sensitivity training)
    To all you serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, who are doing your best–Thanks, and in the words of Hill Street Blues, “be careful out there.”

  9. I voted absentee from Hanoi, Vietnam with the help of Embassy staff and Federal Express which paid for the shipping of overseas ballots…then I flew to New York on 31 October to be home in time to experience history. Sen. John McCain gave the best speech of his campaign and we all looked at each other in the room and said, “Why wasn’t he giving speeches like this throughout the campaign?” He’s a great man that appeared to allow himself be hobbled by old-style divisive politics. He was better than that. Let’s hope he proves to be a real force in the Senate to help the country move forward.

  10. Cathy your comments were great.
    We are a greedy nation. Our “poor” would be rich in other nations. People in this country die from having too much–obesity causes many diseases people are dying from. Our economy churns out trillions everyday despite taxes/regulations/laws/bail-outs/etc. But it’s not enough. People don’t want to work hard. They want to work less.
    It’s amazing we have as much as we do considering how the majority right now want to be part of the nanny state.

  11. I voted absentee from Hanoi, Vietnam with the help of Embassy staff and Federal Express which paid for the shipping of overseas ballots…then I flew to New York on 31 October to be home in time to experience history. Sen. John McCain gave the best speech of his campaign and we all looked at each other in the room and said, “Why wasn’t he giving speeches like this throughout the campaign?” He’s a great man that appeared to allow himself be hobbled by old-style divisive politics. He was better than that. Let’s hope he proves to be a real force in the Senate to help the country move forward.

  12. Voters get the government they deserve. Like ancient Romans, American voters have discovered they are in charge of the treasury. 95% of them (so they are told) just voted themselves a raise. Time will tell if the POTUS-elect will win a second term or if he will be voted out of office like Carter and Bush 1.

  13. Things were kind of a mess at our little rural voting station near Knoxville, TN, where 352 people had voted when I got there about 4:30 p.m. Two nice older guys were letting people sit anywhere, and not keeping any kind of order, not issuing any numbers because one person’s number had timed out because they only had 30 min after the number was issued. People started growling (incl me) until I turned to the man in the Air Force uniform behind me and said, “Well, I bet the military could keep order.” He grinned and said “Air Force brat?” “Yes, and Air Force widow and Navy mom” (Air Force brat is overstated ’cause my dad was really out by the time I remember anything, but he never stopped enforcing gig lines) We stood up, walked up to the two poll workers, and told them we were going to help. Had everyone on their feet in about 15 seconds, told them to put themselves in order, which took about another minute. They knew exactly what order they’d come in. We had the chairs back in rows in less than 5 minutes, sat them down in order, had one of the old guys moving them up to the 3 voting stations in order, the other seating them in order. Less than 10 min to precision and order in voting in the good old USA. And just before I voted, another man in uniform came in, and we put him to work helping keep order. ALL the finest people are in uniform (or their family).

  14. There are times, when voting in Hawaii, that I ask myself “why bother”? By the time our polls close the race has already been called. I have been calling it a few things myself, truth be told.
    Some things we do know….our dear “allies” in Europe are literally dancing in the streets…the greatest party since the Berlin wall fell(yes, they apparently have forgotten what life behind the iron curtain was like).
    And, or course, Hamas and Hezbolla are throwing tea parties even as we speak.
    What I pray, more than anything,is that this new potential POTUS of ours ( yes folks, its collective ownership now and like it or not, that is how we are supposed to play the game…he is OURS (coughsnifflewhinepissmoanDAMN!!!)
    honors our committments. To our missions and to our troops.
    Without the honor to stand and protect the committments we make,we are nothing. Without those chosen,blessed few who actually stand guard at the door while we sleep comfortably, there is no country. I hope Mr. Obama figures that out.

  15. I voted McCain, so did my husband, who is a Marine and OEF/OIF Vet. And we were more than proud to do so. The thought of Obama being president has sunken in and my though: It can’t get much worse. I may not like it at all (especially how much a Racial issue it has become – it’s sickening) but, we can deal and move on.
    My biggest problem: I’ll be swearing into the Air Guard at the end of the month. I would be more proud if I could do so under a McCain presidency. But, again, maybe after his four years, people would have come to their senses.

  16. I went to vote. Unfortunately the one i voted for didn’t win. So I guess we have no choice but to support the other guy, but please don’t oblama me because it is forbidin. HAHAHA. anyhow, From what people are telling me he wants to take our guns away. There are many men and women that have given thier life for me to HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND MYSELF, MY COUNTRY AND MY FAMILY. THEY ALSO GAVE ME THE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS. SO, ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS IF YOU WANT TO DO THAT THEN IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO BE PRESIDENT OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY THEN HAVE THE BALLS TO COME AND TAKE IT FROM ME YOURSELF. DON’T FORGET MINE HAS A WILD KICK TO IT SO BE CAREFUL WHAT END YOU GRAB IT FROM.
    Don’t mean any disrespect but, McCain didn’t vote on alot of bills because of alot of other bills that were attached to them, which is why we are in the finacial criss now.( Thanks I will blama you for that.
    other than that everything went great. Thank you Major Pain for letting me vent.

  17. Well, I was sick for a day, but got over it. Adapt and overcome. We have been through this before. Conservatives, we sunk our own ship. Now it is time to raise it and find a better Captain.

  18. Like most here the election came like a kick in the gut. I know we all kept a game face with that sinking feeling in our gut before the election.
    So things just got hard. We gotta work harder. I know many here encouraged some guy named Capt B to ‘run for congress’. I remember I was encouraging him to stay pure .. stay warrior politics is a sewer.
    I watched as a guy I have met named David Bellavia (recommended for a medal of honor for actions in Iraq ) took a shot at it and fell short.
    I remember a thingie in some Marine HQ that said something to the effect that “ America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war. America is at the mall.” How true. Being a vet is nothing in the world of politics. In some cases I think it is a handicap.
    The Battle of the Bulge was real ‘Shock and Awe’. Bastogne surrounded and cut off, a light infantry division the 101st defended against a German Corps. Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe was given a message from the German Commander demanding his surrender. His reply, “NUTS”.
    That’s the attitude we need to internalize.
    Then we need to work to make sure that the loyal opposition … Republicans in this case learn how to stand for something. They learn to organize and lead. They need to retake DC.
    We need to find ways to make that happen. Even old guys like me.
    Thanks for the nudge Sam.
    Semper Fi

  19. As long as I am still free to pray to my God I will be ok. I hope, and pray.
    I am more disturbed that Murtha won, that is insane. What kind of drugs are the people in PA on? And Ohio, when your coal is cut off remember who you voted for.
    I had really hoped the “silent majority” would prevail. John McCain truly loves this country. Very disappointed that we have an empty suit for President.
    I am scared. Who in the hell talks about defense cuts when a country is at war?

  20. I voted early, and three mailed our ballots in, and then got on with life – which is what one does when they don’t think Washington DC is the center of the Universe – where is Galileo when you need him?
    I did check on 5 November – the Sun was still there behind the clouds, God was working on prayer requests and my breakfast gruel and walk to work were just the way I like them. I peeked, and sure enough there was the media and the fools dancing in joy – but then I went back to work. Someone has to pay the taxes and my bills – and that someone is always me.
    Remind the media and the newly elected representatives that they are Public Servants and serve us, the United States of America, they don’t RULE us – and they had best watch how they use that word govern. Take care out there, especially in those war zones – the fellows that just won the election don’t know what sacrifice means, yet.

  21. I voted McCain, but my precinct, city, county, and state went Obama. People whose interests are be diametrically opposed by all that one is and stands for. Businessmen, union workers, people with family in the military, etc. voted for him. All just because his name has a (D) in front of it. And people call me a knee-jerk Republican. You couldn’t pay me to vote for a (R) whose friend (Ayers) committed domestic terrorism and has a famous portrait of himself (Ayers, of course) standing on the flag in an alley. But these guys did that for their (D). *Spit.*
    I only hope he continues his career path of obtaining jobs, then sitting like a couch potato in them. But I see his friends, his backers, and his voting record and views, and I do worry for the nation, and its Constitution. Our good servicemen and women, you are front and center in my thoughts in this time.

  22. So I voted Obama. And I am proud that I did so….I have a question for anyone who would like to respond and Please do. We can have a friendly debate if you would like to. And even to the Original poster (this is your blog) Do you agree with the War in Iraq?? Its a Simple Question and one that I think deserves a Simple Answer.
    Dont get me wrong. I support our Troops 110% they are the reason we are free. I have lost a very close solider and I still feel that the war in Iraq is wrong. I dont feel that we had any right to go over there and start a war with them. Now Afganistan is a different story. We should be over there trying to find Osama and taking him out. But what is our reasoning for being in Iraq?? I believe that we were sold a Lie by the Bush Administration. And I really wish People we see the Difference in the TWO wars that we are now fighting.
    Please feel free to Email any responses to me directly
    Look forward to hearing from you. And please this is a Friendly thing I dont hate anyone I dont think you voted wrong if you voted Red. But I want your Opinions!

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