1. Dear Major Pain,
    Thanks for the link to the Frontline show regarding the Taliban. I actually caught part of the show last night and I thought it was very informative. It made me think though who actually is watching this information. I think to myself everyone should be watching and paying attention, but I know that is not a reasonble thought. As an American and a soldier supporter it requires me to do more than just sit back and not worry about world politics. Where is our nation’s support as a collection? If everyone else thinks it is someone else’s job to worry about it then they are wrong. You don’t have to qualified in political science to understand what is going on, but you should look around to see where you stand on issues and policies. I have personally had the pleasure to meet some of the finest soldiers and their heart is in it. They want to see change, they want to go back and help to make a difference in the war on terror. As a nation we need to be paying attention to the politics and start supporting our soldiers, veterans, and their families.

  2. Thanks for the liink – – been out of all media contact this past week. The segment you linked to was very informative. A friend of mine has sent links to NBC’s coverage last week. One thing that I noticed with that coverage at an Army outpost was the steep angle of the mortars – – holy cow they were practically shooting on their own position. Really brought home how close the Taliban were getting. Its going to be an interesting winter.

  3. I’ve always wondered why it is we can get such good footage of those militants but can’t kill them?
    It’s time for the American people and leaders to get some balls and kick ass over there. Pardon my French. Treading lightly and fighting politically correct will only weaken our status and get more of our finest killed. I say we take off the kid gloves and get serious.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the comments above. Someone who makes the hard decisions need to make them and fast! We’ve taunted and played around enough over there. Time to get down to serious business and get it over. Won’t be easy but playing around like we are isn’t going to get any better.
    My biggest frustration these days are the Americans who watch shows such as the recent NBC Nightly News segments and the PBS show and only want to support THOSE Soldiers. Grrrrrrr.
    I’ve been actively involved in support for those deployed to northeastern Afghanistan for over two years now. The good news is that there are a lot of great Americans out there who are doing the same along wtih providing support to military personnel in Iraq and other locations around the globe. After the NBC and PBS airings I got inundated with emails wanting to know how to send support to the Vipers but no one wanted to send support to any of the other Soldiers who need it too. BIG frustration.
    The good news – the Vipers are definitely feeling the love!

  5. I feel the first step has been taken already.By putting Gen P in charge.He’s clearly shown he can use the military as it was meant to be.A diplomatic tool.Just kidding.He has shown he gets to know all the players,he plans his move then moves his plan.He knows Mountain Rangers do not like the desert,Green Berets prefer the night life and Marines just love to dish out alot of whoop ass.My major concern is what effect the presidential change over will have on our troops on the ground.I have not heard of any news agencies sending an embed to get info from the boots on the ground?Not one damn story.Outstanding link Major.God Bless

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