Its 2002, I have 180 fire eating Marines with me crawling through the mountains of Afghanistan looking for dirt bags with a lot of hate and anger in our guts as we look for payback from the 9/11 attacks.  A platoon has been attacked, with WIA and we are the Quick Reaction Force (QRF). I have a million things being thrown at me and between my 1stSgt and Plt Cdrs we are multi tasking at the cyclic rate and at a the same time keeping emotions out of it although Marines are in trouble as we wait in the LZ for C53s to pick us up and insert us into the spicy area of insert.

Two, CH-53s bank around a mountain and begin final approach as the first stick I’m on gets ready, the battalion SgtMaj brings a civilian running up to me. Dressed in jeans with a polo shirt and a backpack with a sleeping bag and lord only knows what else hanging out of it. Four cameras around his neck, I get the word this nut-job is suppose to come into a potentially hot zone where Marines are hit with us.  The 1st of the stick of 2 helos flares and lands less than 30 yards from us evacuating everything with its huge rotor, its freezing at the 9,000 forward operating base in the wet winter. My 1stSgt and I look at one another as if we have seen it all now and tell our newly joined embedded reporter to leave his sleeping bag, pack and pick 1 camera he wants to take and we give him a pistol to protect himself and put him in the #2 place on the second stick where a savy Sgt has him under his care.

I agree with you–the ap is so disappointing. Our media today is so liberal–and so are all the celebrities on tv and movies brainwashing the public. Everywhere you look on tv, you are bombarded with these illuminati thoughts, view points, and opinions! MNotaro

My Company was inserted into a frisky zone, secured it, tended and evacd the wounded, and began a village wide cordon and search that lasted for 3 days with the 12th man imbedded. The Marines did a great job and detained the enemy hiding with in the local populace that tried to blend in after ambushing a quad on patrol. But, the 12th man didn’t see it like that. A couple weeks later he wrote how he wasn’t briefed thoroughly on the situation to begin with and continued to paint the picture that we were the war mongrels that bullied a village. He never mentioned the wounded or for that matter the friendly KIA or how the enemy blended into the populace dangering women and children.

That’s when I had to learn about the media the hard way. As I stood in front of my battalion commander, he read the article and my quotes about wanting to “kill or capture the sons of bitches that shot at my fellow Marines”.  Granted that was very true, but the 12th man painted a picture in the article that I’m sure mad my mother think “is that my son?” A distorted and liberal point of view made the 12th man unpopular after we read the article. Some piece of work writer that I haven’t ever even seen his name pop up in the news again was probably trying to make a name for himself and join the “we should be kicking the shit out of the Taliban” naysayers. That goes for all the touchy feely so called movie “stars” out there that have now all of a sudden became CNN military analysis and singers of Kumbaya! (ack…. choke.. vomit). This goes back to a favorite bitch I have with numb nuts that come from left field with their opinions about Iraq and Afghanistan and use their so called “stardom” to visit colleges and speak against our gains in those countries. The first thing I like to ask them is “ so….Mr movie star, how long have you studied these countries and the events within? Ans: Since the war started (which is BS) Q: And where do you base your facts off of? Ans: the news and I form my own opinions. Q: So you’re nothing more than a regurgitator for the liberal news station? Ans: silence.

I have several examples similar to this where the news and so called “stars” have painted the streets red with their words as Coalition Forces try to push ahead. Regardless that its already hard enough over there conducting combat operations, we don’t need our own Americans making us take two steps forward and three back with their meaningless news articles and “opinions”. Fortunately the Coalition Forces hard work and dedication combined with the surge has squashed 90% of this. During the my last deployment in Iraq , the was somewhat of a void of embedded reporters, I guess good news isn’t that good to report on. 

Keep kicking ass warriors and watch the 12th man closely if he comes near your pos.


  1. Seems impossible to find a word to describe embeds who do this over and over. Scumbags, disgusting slime balls, etc. Nope – nothing really give the sense of disgust.
    I had a discussion recently with an award winning author/writer/embed over sensationalism of photos depicting the wounded and KIAs. His response – it’s out of my hands when it goes to editing. What a lame and weenie a$$ excuse.
    You know we have your back MP. We don’t buy the MSM stories. Nope – if you men don’t confirm it – I don’t believe it.

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