We knew during my 2nd deployment to


that we were making a huge difference as we departed basses and turned them over to the Iraqi’s. Now fast forward to 2008 and we haven’t changed anything and continue to improve the overall situation and area which results in more basses turned over.

A surge? Brilliant! Go figure, its working so good now what will be the bitch & moan be next? We are training the Iraqi’s too well now?  I knew that we would turn over Fallujah this month upon our departure in Aug and that base won’t be the last. All of the Coalition Forces are following the same plan and are able to execute it because of the steadfast operations the young warriors are doing on the ground.

Enjoy the weekend, because the Marines have landed and everything is well in hand!

WASHINGTON —  When Marine Maj. Gen. John Kelly deployed to Iraq in February, the violence had fallen so low in Anbar province that he began figuring out how to start closing bases and prepare to go home.

In the last 10 months the Marines in Fallujah have done what was unthinkable before the surge began — they have quietly transferred out of one of Anbar province’s largest cities. FOX News has learned in an exclusive interview with Kelly from Fallujah that 80 percent of the move is complete. In February there were 8,000 Marines living at Fallujah base. Now there are about 3,000 left. By Nov. 14 there will be none.

"We will shut down the command function here and I will move; my staff has already started to move," Kelly, the commander of Multinational Force-West, told FOX News in an exclusive interview via satellite. "We will turn the lights off here."


  1. shhhh…don’t tell the mainstream media or they won’t be able to continue the lie that we are “losing in iraq” and they just might, en masse, have heart attacks. on second thought, spread the word : a bit less pond scum would be a good thing.

  2. We always KNEW you were terrific, but now we have proof! Thanks for the great news to pass along.
    God bless you Devil Dogs!

  3. Major Pain – don’t turn out the lights! The MSM won’t be able to see the truth. Oh….duh…..what was I NOT thinking – they can’t see the truth with the lights on.

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