Afghani Local Afghan workers perform maintenance on the perimeter wall at International Security Assistance Force Forward Operating Base Bala Murghab, Afghanistan, Oct. 2, 2008. ISAF is assisting the Afghan government in extending and exercising its authority and influence across the country, creating the conditions for stabilization and reconstruction. 

U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Laura K. Smith


  1. Two of my favorite points during the VP debate were when Sarah smacked Biden with his own verbage issues and came back with, and I paraphrase as one of the ‘trailer people that supports the “Freedom and Democracy for All” Ticket (what I call them)”Me and Henry sat down just yesterday adn talked about having chats with dictators without preconditions…he said NO!” and then there was the quote Biden bungled and twisted from the Commanders in A’stan about the surge principles. I just loved watching that smile spread across that pretty face when she smacked him like that! Frankly I think they ought to let Sarah debate Barry Hussein. I believe she woudl wipe the floor up with him!

  2. Most of my life has been spent as an Independent, that shaky, murky middle ground between an ass and an elephant that both smell the same at the end of the day. Not any more.
    And I am old…old enough to have been a senior in high school when my Dad went back to ‘Nam for his second tour and to remember. Remember what its like for family, waiting and watching, the first TV war, daily footage of your loved ones there on ABCNBCCBS. Letters that came in bunches of ten or twelve after a terrifying 2wk silence – we would have known, of course, as two somber officers would have shown up at the door. A rare phone call , every few months. No email, no net.
    Who do you trust? Someone who said no to freedom and endured more torture in the name of, and out of love for, his fellow Americans? The ones in the concentration camp (yes thats what those camps were) with him?
    Or someone who cries “I am middle class” after going to a school most kids in Hawaii cant even dream of, no matter how bright they are (Punahou, $16,650 a year today but its consistant with what its always cost….google it and see). Who paid for that? A trip around the world after high school…who paid for that? Columbia and Harvard? For a middle class kid? ( I forget the name of the college he chilled out at before those two and did his drugs…)$1.6 million dollar home with all those student loans he must have had? How did he pay for that?? All the “I didnt knows” …about his pastor, Ayres, Fr.Pfleger, the $3.3 in campaign contributions that seem to have come from outside this country, the ACORN money, the secret talks with Irans govt..the list goes on.
    Shouldnt something be inferred about the company one keeps if that company consistantly embraces a visceral hatred for this country and all it stands for? At the very least, questionable judgement? Do I believe all the crap I read? No. But being of the old school I DO believe where there is smoke, there more often than not IS fire.
    I also have a deep abiding love and respect for my country and those who fight for freedom in its name. For me there is only one choice and its the one with honor.

  3. He never has to totally answer the questions because the media loves him! He’s never been pinned down and just diverts all the time. Getting scary! People put too much stock in appearances, etc.

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