1. Please send me over the net a copy of the Commandants 233 marine Corp birthday message so we can read it at our Marine Corpe Leaque Ball.
    George H.Dustman

  2. I am trying to have a small Birthday celebration in Iraq, but I won’t have any internet connection. Is there anyway someone could email me a clip of the Birthday Message or, at least, tell me how to download one onto a thumb-drive.

  3. Birthday Voronezh police. May 4 was exactly 276 years since its founding. This professional holiday with such a scale marked the second time, although the calendar still appeared 7 years ago. At the gala event visited and our crew.
    The total number of Voronezh police – more than 15 thousand people. In the birthday of Lenin Square – 400 employees. The most valiant of them have received state awards.
    The technical base of our police is improving with each passing year. Throughout the holiday Voronezh had the opportunity to learn more about the work of the various services police department. On the surface they brought in special equipment, and also presented the stands with the latest security and fire alarm systems.
    Despite the difficulties, Voronezh police got something to be proud of and by whom – say security officials. That is why her birthday is observed with such a scale.

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