S o we finish another week in the “normal” life without IEDs and Hummers and eating goats.  Between dealing with idiots who drive 30 in a 45mph, snot nosed morons who don’t know the meaning of “customer service”  that work at the customer  service counter, I forge on dealing with people who lack the principle of sense of urgency and I tend to have one way conversations with them. Perhaps it’s the hair cut……..

Although, I have mastered enjoying a nice cigar on the drive home and trying to get one in with my morning coffee (rare) but I still attempt it.   Thought I would shoot a couple rounds across your bow before the weekend:

-The election-you probably are already know who you are going to vote for-can we end the brain numbing commercials?  If you need more info, go here: http://www.rockthevote.com/home.html
– The Dow plunging-sucks doesn’t it?  But if I see one more bag of bones ticket trader with his face in his hands in the news, I’m going to drop my couch on him!

-Sports- I don’t really know what to say to Cubs fans. Epic Carnival has some advice on what not to say, but that isn’t going to make the pain of another playoff loss go away. So instead we’ll bring you a pic of Chicago native, die-hard Cubs fan and House star Jennifer Morrison. If anyone can distract North Siders from their misery, it’s Jennifer.


-Marines kicking Ass-Marine, Corpsman Pay Homage to Fallen Brother-http://www.defenselink.mil/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=51448
Have a craptastic weekend and try the CAO Mx2, as I thoroughly enjoyed one during this post.


  1. just recently came across your blog and have been posting on stumbleupon.com if that’s ok with you.. let me know if not b-4 i post any more

  2. Thanks for the laugh Major, I need that tonight! You always nail it! Few words, and a big cigar. Wisdom. Take care.

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