The area I was in this tour was a decentralized isolated area that had gypsies in it. They couldn’t go into Fallujah or Baghdad because they were perhaps wanted or some other reason kept them away so they lived near us. We didn’t locate our base at this are by chance, it needed Coalition Force support and now.

The area had no law in the area and was outside the city. Many people
were poor and just wanted a good life and this was perhaps their only
chance. We began by building water wells and providing basic life
support structure. Then we turned on their economy once we help them
survive. Think about that for a second, they were just trying to
survive before we helped them. As time continued we brought in water
purification systems to help them obtain clean water, then we taught
people to use and maintain them and helped fund them to hire more
people to the same to grow.  One we did that, a police station was
built to help the serve and protect their own. This allowed us to help
them again by training their police men and training their trainers to
again, grow.
The policemen began to snuff out crime and work for an honest paycheck.
Now we hired and build a building for a mechanic to work on cars and
especially police vehicles. See how this grows?
To help in another direction, we brought veterinarians to the area to
treat their livestock. This not only educated the farmers but helped
them eat better and refuse possibly diseases. Then we taught them to do
the same. Brilliant!!
Guess hominy IEDs we got attacked from while we did this? ZERO. Guess
how many bad guys were ratted out to us by the local people? Half a
dozen, which is a huge signal that the Iraqi people are sick and tired
of thugs and will risk their lives to inform us about them. How can you
be an insurgent, hide and hide while the locals are telling Coalition
Forces where you are? You can’t for very long.

Just the tip of the ice burg and I bet you won’t hear this in the paper……………..
Semper Fi


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