What is your problem? I swear, some people need to be smacked. They just don’t get it! Being my first post back from deployment, I’ve had a nice steak, a cold beer and smoked a couple hundred cigars……..sorry mom.

Things I noticed, my own shit paper (toilet paper) is nice. Sheets are
awesome and rain is interesting. (We didn’t have any rain or clouds
where we were)… America, what the hell is going on with everyone
overweight?? Sweet lord, back away from the damn table. I guess It took
me a bit to be away to notice but we are some fat bastards  (git in my
belly)………more reason to open club hades in Arizona or Nevada
somewhere…I’ll be gentle…not.
For all that is all holy, please gang, look around, we have things
great, seriously. I had Iraqis damn near wanting me to walk on water
for them and get them things for the only reason because I was an
American.  I did all but the water walking thing…no one is perfect but
many smoke cigars now.  Yes, we have it so nice we don’t even realize
it; we have surrounded ourselves with lard and the numbers of sheep
(followers) for those new readers are quickly multiplying. Where are my
fellow sheep dogs? Where are those that are like those who came back
from WWII building a strong country?
Maybe it’s because I’m not in a serious dog eat dog atmosphere but I
tell ya gang, WTF? I guess a year from family was a blessing as I don’t
have the fog in my eyes and taking shit for granted. Don’t take it
wrong, but look, we have it great. Your kids go to school without
issues, you have clean water, your husband isn’t being killed because
he is a farmer and helps Marines………. I could go on and I’m preaching to
the choir here.  But on Monday, when your fat ass work companion begins
his weekly bitch rant, you have my permission to walk into his cubicle
and kick him square in the ass and tell him to go get a cup of shut the
hell up.  The send him to my site, I’ll take it from there.

I’m back
It’s time for a cigar-Semper Fi


  1. OOOOrah!!!
    Now I can take you out of the don’t not bother me for a while folder. You know the one that says on the front. . .
    I may be back but for now it’s the
    so don’t expect anything just yet!
    THANK YOU AND . . .

  2. The average (nonMarine) American gains 5 lbs each year. with our high calorie diets and relative low physical activity. At that rate is does not take too long to become fat! Major, maybe you should write a diet book!

  3. SIR,you are a man after my own heart.This is a subject which needs your immediate attention.Fatness!I was visiting a new familly member the other day in the hospital,9lbs 3oz.Alex, and if uncle tim has anything to say he will be a Marine.While entering the hospital I noticed all the nurses and 8 out of ten were poping at the seams.Most carrying sodas in one hand and chips in the other,but it wasn’t even lunch time.I was scorned for getting ready to light up a cig to close to the hospital entrance and appolagised,but I just had to ask the discusting pig where he got a nurses outfit so large.When they made the comment about my red,white and blue suspenders,you know the one about us fighting the bush war,I said no we are just protecting your food supplies.Glad your home sir.God Bless Semper Fi

  4. Glad you’re back safe. I have enjoyed reading your comments from the sand box.
    After a long day on the street last week (I’m a LEO) I had just about talked myself out of working out. This post gave me a good kick in the pants to get out and take the run I needed. Thanks.

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