NEW YORK — Ed Pulido joined the Army at 18 and spent 19 years in
uniform. He lost his left leg four years after being wounded by a
roadside bomb in Baqubah, Iraq. And when he was discharged in 2005, with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart,
he decided to the devote the rest of his life to work with a foundation
helping the families of veterans who have been wounded or killed.

But he had one problem, he said: "How to initiate the contacts with corporate leaders, to be able to fundraise and to network."

That’s where Sidney E. Goodfriend came in.

Goodfriend spent 25 years as a banker on Wall Street,
mostly at Merrill Lynch. But, he said, he had made enough money, he was
looking for a career change, and he wanted to make a contribution
through public service.

With his own money, and using his Wall Street connections,
Goodfriend, 48, founded a group called American Corporate Partners,
which pairs returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan with mentors from the corporate world. He has enlisted six companies — Campbell’s, PepsiCo, Home Depot, Verizon, General Electric and investment bank Morgan Stanley — that have each promised to offer returning vets 50 mentors, in eight cities.

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  1. I want to help the troops, too. Mr. Pulido, please write me. I have some gd ideas for all the wounded here in San Antonio, TX.
    Thank You, Sheila Soto
    Soliders Angel

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