I could of guessed the results would have turned out like this. It’s kinda NOSHIT obvious that Iraq has gotten better so let’s talk about those votes last and why the rest of the window lickers voted the way they did!

My poor Bambi, Disney World voters that voted “Iraq is worse off” (3.5%) For the love of all that is good, do you live under a rock? Do you not know any servicemembers? Ohh I know you watch CNN. I get it. Of course you would vote Iraq is worse off. Because that’s what the Communist News Network want you to believe. Sure the infidels have occupied the land that doesn’t want help. Sure, we haven’t rid the country of thousands of insurgent scumbags, sure we havent restored democracy where a higher arch wants you to do what they say or you die. Lets forget the old regime likes to gas their own but your right, Iraq is worse off now. Here is an idea, you get your little but over here, talk to a few locals, and then when they look at you like you just fell of the stupid branch, perhaps you might begin to distrust the CNN. But, hey I know, Iraq is worse off. Good call….sheep! But when I looked at the map where the vote came from(California) I figured oh, man Paris Hilton was pissed at me for dogging her in a different post and decided to vote. Good call Paris, way to show Britney who the boss it.GAG….puke.

This next group who voted  “Not Sure” (1.2 %) is another lonesome sheep. Baaaaa. How can you actually vote as “Not sure”?? I wasn’t even going to put this on the poll but a buddy said, I should give them a side bet…..You should get off the internet and look into the mirror and really asses your contribution to society. The vote was from  AAAAALA BAMA! Forest Gump would kick you ass for voting that way…….Jeeenny

So now we breach into the voters who are meat eaters and who apparently actually read blogs (if I offended any vegetarians, I could give a rats ass). Good on ya for seeing straight. Stay as far away as possible from the two groups above. (95.3%) voted Iraq has gotten better. No, say it isn’t so. CNN won’t. Fox barely will, as they squat around it. YOU have said it. Print this post out, roll it up and beat anyone from the news agency with it. I know it wont help but C’mon, why don’t hey get it??  The American people get it, at least a good percentage does, they see it so why does the press keep using it as the drone music to beat you down saying “the waaaaaaar is lost……Marines baaaaaad, get ooooouuutt of IIIIRRRAAQQ, were goonnnnnaaaa loooosse?? Booogie boogie !! They are trying to convince you that the President didn’t stop shitbags from attacking America following 9/11, they are trying to TELL YOU what they want you to believe. Well, I would like to be the first to tell the news agency to pound sand (yes, I put that nice…kids read this blog…smart kids at least do). I’m glad you all “get it”, its scary that there is even one percentage that doesn’t or should I say almost 4%……YIKES. Trolls, swing by, I have the sheep grain laid out leading to Troll grinder……….I’ll be the one next to it with the cigar.


  1. OORAH, Maj P! I was wondering about the 4% tools myself… if they’re so convinced that Iraq is worse off now, they should hop a plane to Baghdad Int’l and see what they can do to help out. F’ing retards.
    Keep on rockin’ Budby!

  2. Ok, just to clear things up, G-that “not sure” vote was NOT from me. He/she/it must be from Auburn or somewhere else in L.A. (that’s Lower Alabama to those not in the know). That or they were lying about their state of origin (which they better be, because if I catch up to them, they’ll get an earful). Here in north central Alabama, we are a little more educated bunch (NASA,Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Redstone Arsenal,anybody?) so we watch other stations besides Al Jazeera West (CNN) and so we know the truth. It’s frustrating at times,when you see what’s REALLY going on and other people seem to want to keep that fat head stuck in the sand.(or up their behind. Your pick.) You just keep giving us the truth and we’ll be glad to get it and pass it on!


  4. Hey Major-
    Awesome post. Ya’ll know what I voted, I voted along with the people who actually have a thing called a brain in their head, and who actually know how to use it. Scumbags! That 1% deserves nothing better than to be deported to Iraq’s most violent area (Oorah! I no longer know where that is! Sadr City? Mosul?) long enough to get their hands dirty. Keep it up Mjr.

  5. Hey Major-
    Awesome post. Ya’ll know what I voted, I voted along with the people who actually have a thing called a brain in their head, and who actually know how to use it. Scumbags! That 1% deserves nothing better than to be deported to Iraq’s most violent area (Oorah! I no longer know where that is! Sadr City? Mosul?) long enough to get their hands dirty. Keep it up Mjr.

  6. But…but….Nancy P. just said on the MSM that the ONLY reason the surge was working was because of the Iraqi soldiers…has NOTHING to do with the U.S. troops…Do you mean to tell me she has it wrong!!!>???? Surely not!!

  7. What I want to know is how those idjuts could even come here to actually vote that way AFTER reading your reports from ‘boots on ground’!!
    It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out the MSM reports come from left field, and they haven’t the foggiest idea as to what is actually happening in Iraq or even anywhere else for that matter.
    But then again, Idjuts can’t read a real report and get anything positive out of it. Yeah, have you figured out I’m part of the 95.3%?? I try to send as many people as possible over here to give them the real truth!
    So keep tellin us like it is Major B. The majority of us are listening.

  8. Hey Major, don’t group all of we Calif. people as morons!!
    I live in the central Ca. mtns
    and we’re loaded for bear here and we love you guys.
    I am the guy with the 85 year old retired Marine Col. (retired)
    and he lives here too.
    Keep up the great work major.
    Screw the press and San Frrancisco and Los Angeles!!!

  9. Heya bro, good work on the blogs, awesome stuff, great to read first hand accounts on conditions over there. Now coming from an expat Aussie living in kiwi land, it might sound harsh, but it’s just someone on the outside looking in on it. The media in this country of almost 3rd world conditions, is so glossed over to the point you need sunglasses and the monitor’s sharpness up to 1000% just to read the truth in the damn stuff. It is pretty much government run everywhere you look painting rosey pictures about NZ and how America is evil and the the whole war in Iraq should never have happened and how the coalition forces are doing a piss poor job of it there. I swear it’s a mirror image setup of how China runs it’s media… At least in Aussie, (well most of us anyway) we’re backing you guys in there doing the hard yards and understand the risks and reasons why you’re there putting your lives on the line for people you don’t know and are not even your fellow countrymen. Just remember there’s people all around the world backing the good work you’re doing for those poor people who have suffered so much. My cousin served a year in Afghanistan a few years back and is due to head back there again shortly for the Australian Army.

  10. Hey Major!
    Each time I visit here it just keeps getting better! I’m packing up a box for you and the boys right now!
    Keep it coming. I can only hope your message is getting out to more and more people in this country.
    Keep on Rockin’ over there.

  11. Okay, so this is my first time visiting your blog. AND I must say… it’s great! I totally agree with what you said about the votes. People ‘think’ they know what is going on, but have no clue unless they’ve been there.

  12. My first time here and I’m going to be linking your blog to the JudgeRight over at NetVibes and Vox. Great work on the blog, better work on the war. Thanks for the link to e-mail the dirt people. Awesome stuff.
    Cat, when has Nancy P. been right on anything? hmph. She’s a silly old cow as far as I’m concerned. Wrote her a letter in protest, she sent me back a response thanking me for my support. Nearly sent me off the deep end of civility.. &()*&*&^$#$ stupid cow. I keep voting to have her kicked out, but there are just too many cities in Ca. where the welfare recipients congregate rather than get out in the field and produce.
    BTW, there’s an ice cold beer waitin’ here in the OC if I ever meet any of you dirt people from the sandbox.

  13. Hi Major, missed the vote so please put a blue pin in Oregon for me!! Haven’t been here in a while, mostly out of state due to family illness (and no electronics in their house)
    Will try to get our paper to post your blog info, even though I can drum up support for mailing projects, people don’t really have a clue what is happening there or in Afgh. I try to explain, but don’t have your gift of words.
    You do such an awesome job of ‘writing a picture’ for us, always knew the dirt was nasty, but didn’t know it deposited living critters in/on you guys. Is there anything we can send you to help with that???

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