Where are the reporters now? Is it blood and guts they want to see? Iraq is a brutal country. But perhaps we need to inform reporters and “News” stations that “its’ not about gore, its about progress and success. How come we don’t have embedded reporters here now in Iraq? Has anyone else noticed their absence? Where are the “Special Reports” on Iraq during prime time TV? Are our service members lives any less important now compared to when the embeds were here? Does the news agency think this is a less important time in Iraq or for that matter in Afghanistan? The actions of the news station says yes. Sex and gore sell, US service members winning, kids getting fed and democracy doesn’t.

My last two deployments here we were taking one step forward and three steps back but now we are progressing with one step at a time to the front, partnered with the Iraq people. Everyday I work with sheiks, Iraqi Police and Iraqi Soldiers and I see they are making a difference and doing what we have taught them a year ago. Recently, in an Iraqi community, they established a city council. They elected members to be apart of the council, then they elected a council leader. Last time I checked this is that thing called democracy, but hey who are we kidding, US soldier deaths are better headlines. Yet again, I guess its better to put a story about Paris Hilton on the network instead an altering event like democracy being established and peoples life being changed, forever, yes, I would much rather know how many time Paris Hiltons dog takes a crap. (That was sarcasm for you tree huggers trying to hack my blog.) The local Iraqi people are making it happen. From locals surrendering as former insurgent sympathizers, because they are tired of being intimidated to the Iraqi police man working for free to make a difference. Fox news, CNN and many others are so worried about not competing as well with its rivalry news station that they have become more of an entertainment show than a news and information broadcast. Consequently they are missing the entire picture and major events like the growth and changes in Iraq. Sure, they have I-report, and the like but this is exactly what I’m talking about. They are more concerned about a sexy logo on their screen to peek interest than actually reporting the news. How about taking the money invested in one week of “I-report” and fly a reporter to Iraq, where the rubber meets the road. Wouldn’t you rather know about the growth and success in a war torn region by your military or would you rather see some mediocre You-tube video of ducks crossing the street. The news station would say ducks, or should I say ARE saying ducks. Don’t get me wrong here, I wanted this post to focus on Iraq, the successful surge and the great things its people are doing for their country. Its just you, the ”world” doesn’t get the word about it or if you do its skewed bits and pieces from CNN & Fox then you have been entertained and not really “informed”. Don’t be one of the sheep and be fixated on the “only source of news”, be a sheep dog and know that there are other sources out there like blogs, radio etc. This way you will be in the know and not just entertained. Fox and CNN spread so quickly because they are convenient and we are so busy and most of all people believe it all. This is why you should demand they report accurately and give the news. I challenge other blogs to post this as this is the backbone of blogs, hell; it was the backbone of the newspaper before blogs. I get irate, when I hear the half assed comments from home. “Iraq is in turmoil”, “We haven’t really made a difference for the time we have had troops in Iraq”, or one of my favorites when they approached me when I was home, “Let me tell you about Iraq”. Are they shitting me? Here is a key factor, listen, unless you have been here or in Afghanistan, and I’m not talking about one of their 3 day adventures you read about then hear them say “I just got back from Iraq” bullshit in Newsweek magazine, or you have dedicated a very significant time researching this area in its “current” situation, then really, you are basing your internal decision and opinions about Iraq on merely on what news agencies have told you. Yes, I know you have a life in America, I don’t expect everyone to go to Iraq. I would expect you to demand that your news bring you the un-political unbiased truth or listen to those who have been there. You deserve better! Iraq isn’t about democrats or republicans; it’s about freeing a country from evil tyrants and assisting it to grow from our help. American politics have not been largely affected by a series of small villages becoming one and growing free of evil but the Iraqi politics have been affected by this. Just think what kind of great messages could be sent if our politicians did capitalize on the military’s above and beyond accomplishments here. Perhaps that’s why the news entertainment reporters haven’t been here lately, perhaps they don’t want to admit and show all the good that has been completed and ultimately admit that President Bush did it right. I think you deserve better but that’s just One Marine’s View.


  1. I remember from my first deployment (Fallujah, 05) when asked how were things over here, I usually answered nothing is as bad or good as you see on TV. This time around, its most definitely nothing is as bad as you see on TV, and its because you’ll never see this story, “Today, a squad of Marines went on patrol in Ramadi, and nothing happened.” And thats about what happens 90% of the time. We who have been here know thats significant, and a story. We’ve seen it go from contact nearly every day, to every other day, to once a week, to how it is now…..and that’s just not news to most people.
    Lt. Joe F, USMC

  2. I rarely even watch the news anymore because it’s all “doom and gloom,” 24 hours a day. I know the truth can be found through reading and listening to first-hand accounts of people who are there and have been there on the ground, for months at a time (that’s why you’re my source for the truth,G!). My opinion on it is this: people who go through and live through what y’all do every day, are not going to sugar coat anything for us. If you’re mad, you say so.You are unafraid of the truth. If you say things are going well, it’s because you’ve personally seen a positive change and you’re going to tell us about it. When Michael Yon is the only person even going to Iraq and going outside the Green Zone to find and report the truth, and everyone else is staying at home reporting on stupid ass Britney Spears and the like, then I know things are going well. A huge “thank you” as always for writing about what really goes on,buddy. I tell everybody I know about this blog and others that strive to bring the real news-the news that MATTERS- to us all.

  3. Alright guys. Who’s with me on writing different news stations and “commenting” on or addressing their absence of reports on the war. I’m totally gonna do this. What’d be really cool if we could get a bunch of people doing it, and just FLOOD the media with emails… 🙂 Anyway, I have taken to blogreading for news on the war because bloggers are a lot more reliable than the crappy media. Thanks!

  4. I ran in to about 30 or so 101st Airborne in the Atlanta airport last night who were in route home for R&R. All looked healthy. All were more than happy to spend a few minutes talking about how much Iraq has improved in several different AOs where they are stationed. Many discussed how the Iraqi Police, the Iraqi Army and the populace in general ARE stepping up and taking charge. Many discussed how safe it now is in their AOs. Everyone I talked to noted the huge difference between this deployment and their last deployment to Iraq in a POSITIVE way.
    I couldn’t help but think about the number of Americans who were sitting on their arses in the boarding area and not bothering to approach these men to learn about what they are doing. Oh a few thanked them for their service but no one asked any questions about how things are there. Head in the sand – head up their butts.
    The positives that occurred were that several of us gave up our upgraded First Class seats to the Soldiers AND when we landed the Captain asked that everyone remain seated until the Soldiers had deplaned first so they could get to their waiting families. As they began to deplane applause errupted and continued until the last Soldier had stepped on the jet way.

  5. I pray we deserve better Major. You are right, if we don’t make the effort, sheep we are indeed. Thank you for all you do. You always kick us back into play when we stray! Gob bless our Marines!

  6. Hey dude,
    Ya know I am 100 percent behind ya and agree that the media sucks in their coverage of the great job being done by our Soldiers and Marines. The media has become just another freak show. Now I got a little different take on Hilton. I have seen a couple of her Vids and she ain’t no dog. Tongue hanging out in Texas.

  7. God bless you for yet ANOTHER excellent post, Major P! You are a hero to all of us, because you speak the truth … in typical Marine fashion!
    May you continue to share the “real” news with all of us, so we can in turn enlighten others about the success in the Middle East!

  8. It may just be one Marine’s view, but it’s the view from someone who has been and is now there. As far as I’m concerned, you are right on in your assessment of our wonderful media. We do deserve better…we deserve the whole story…but that’s why I keep coming here….. 🙂
    Semper fi, my friend!!

  9. To the alabama guy, those votes couldn’t have come from Auburn, most likely they came from UA people who were lost.
    The orlando votes, their’s no tellin. These people down here are liberal transplants from up north.

  10. May I copy your recent post for our small local weekly paper? It is owned by a democrat who prints only anti-Bush, anti-war, Huffington post stuff. He has printed a positive soldier letter before as a “public service”. I would like to find a steady supply of soldier letters so he will always be running “public service” articles!

  11. Very good articles. Keep these facts going.
    Too bad B. Hussein Obama and his “Yellow Bellys” are pushing the truth about Iraq in the wrong direction, downhill!

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