We have been conducting several operations in the area. Badguys, unm you should find a new profession because your days are numbered, no really you should head for the mountains. Maybe Afghanistan?? They have mountains there. I’ll put in a good word for you with a couple hundred of my close Marine buddies there.

Last week there we were on a patrol, following some warm foot prints on the trail, sweat salt in the eyes, body armor pulling at your muscles in your back, thin layer of dirt covering all of your exposed skin and we got a nice calling card from Mr Scumbag. A nice IED that scratched our truck. OK maybe a bit more than scratched but every one was good to go but pissed. Not the kind of pissed when you step in a pile dog shit that your neighbors dog left but the “I’m gonna enjoy gutting you boy” (From the Movie – The Rock) kind of pissed, with an evil smile. I’m sure Mr Scum bag got a cheap ass chuckle from watching a black cloud engulf the armored truck but I bet he wasn’t laughing when the attack helos showed up. What? Ahhhh you didn’t like that so much my little scumbag buddy? Meet Mr Hellfire rocket. That’s right you got a couple thousand dollars of hate and discontent filled with military grade explosive pointed at you. Oh look at that we have 8 rockets in the air today. Yes, those are the really big ones that are laser guided and very distinctive when hauling through the sky at you. Now you have met the “dirt people”, some call us Marines. Choose whatever word you like, just remember we look good in our uniform and we’ll kick you ass too! A couple of my Marines shoot the shit with me as the normal duties of the day pass as we bare the 112 temps. You know the kind of guys that would wreck their dads car and try to fix it themselves or the ones that think everyone has gun racks in their truck at home. (What, you don’t?)Yes and of course the ones who you glance at real quick and they hit you with this shit eating grin that says , “I didn’t do it” You know they are up to something but its probably better if you don’t know. These are the early 20 year olds I would take a bullet for, no doubt. Here in Iraq they are the glue that holds the villages together, the kindness that brings medical attention and the ones that breathe fire when you try to blow them up. Back in the states they are the kid that you know that lived next door but lost track of, “little billy?” that use to bag your groceries and the brother or dad you know like the back of your hand. Yes, where do we get these guys I ask myself as we clear/search 15 football size blocks of potential bad guys in overflowing sewer areas, mount up and conduct vehicle check points with a smile. Don’t worry for a second about them getting attacked. Are they protected, yes, are they trained, hell yes, do they take the fight to the enemy, well I wish you could ask the enemy on that one. We often do the job of several with only seven, but they are a magnificent seven! Semper Fidelis.


  1. Happy to hear the “dirt people” are all ok and keeping the enemy on the run. Magnificient 7 are superstars!!…

  2. Right on, Major. I love your blog. It’s one of the best down-to-dirt-ugly-glory milblogs around. I like the “in yo face” style of writing. Oorah! Keep it up, my Mag7. You guys are doing an outstanding job and here’s one American who will never forget. Semper Fi!

  3. Thankful you’ll are OK! Take heart, you are OUR MARINES and we appreciate you!
    Keep Kickn’
    One more in family willing to join you. Son just passed physical and wants to go to Basic at Parris Island this summer – just to prove that he can take the heat.

  4. A friend of mine sent me the link to this site. He knew how I felt about supporting our military. This is a fist for me.
    You truly are the Magnificent 7.
    You made this old school teacher laugh. I can just picture you all in my memory. Fond memories, of some really kick ass guys with a heart as big as all out doors.
    I had several come back and ask, Mrs H, are you still handing out detentions like candy canes and smiling as you do it?
    I sure am darlin.
    Had any as bad as me?
    Sure did, they’re your brothers now.
    He hugged me and said, I was tough but just.
    I said, then I taught you well, because you are too.
    Guys, consider this a big hug from Gramma, You have my heart. We’re proud of you. You’re the guys that will kick the devil in the ass.

  5. That’s my boy and all his boyz!
    As the mom of one of those ’20 something “dirt people”, bless you. We need more officers like you that really see and understand the young enlisted guys.
    PS – don’t send the bad guys to the ‘stan. There’s enough of them there already.

  6. Noone could be prouder of the work you guys do over there I know my son says that his brothers have his back and he has theirs.
    Pround Marine Mom

  7. Noone could be prouder of the work you guys do over there I know my son says that his brothers have his back and he has theirs.
    Pround Marine Mom

  8. Hope you’re not ‘one of a kind’ Major P, and alot of the KIDS have someone like you for a leader that really and truly loves and respects them. They’ve proven they will follow you into Hell and back already.

  9. The troops deserve a thanks and a lot more than that. That is why we are launching on July 4th. The website allows people to upload video, photos and text to show their support of the troops. Upload your messages and please let all the soldiers know about this as well!

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