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· "Eighteen American soldiers died in May, the lowest total of the war and an 86 percent drop from the 126 who died in May 2007."

·  It will be an interesting campaign if the Dems continue to pull the get out of

Iraq because we are losing schpeel – – just wonder if any journalist will have the guts to say, "Um, excuse me, last we checked, we’re winning."

·  The surge didn’t work in Iraq …………….no really, they said that, or should I say continue to say that.

Local Sheiks in our area have continued to tell of stories about how life was with Al-Qaida present. The evil that existed and now, its not a new way of life, it’s a new era. Economy growing, shops opening, insurgents are now the outcast, not the shop owner, not the Iraqi Policeman, the insurgents. I remember how it was on my previous deployments; it was not a good way of life for any of the above, except for the enemy. Now things are back in the peoples hands. Why can’t some Americans see this? Why can’t they see the growth of the Iraq’s, their leadership taking steps, their cohesion? May be those that deny it see it but ignore it. The insurgents see this, and they hate it.  Maybe a letter from one insurgent to another would read like this.
Dear fellow scumbag, how is your mother? Oh yes that’s right you killed her.  Any ways I was looking to find that prime spot to plant that IED in the city yesterday you know that hole your cousin dug last week just before he pre-detonated?? Any way I couldn’t help but notice those dang Marines are everywhere, what is an insurgent to do? I can’t even go get my insurgent unemployment card because they are in all of the streets.  Arrrghh!! I was trying to intimidate the local sheik but he told me to come by this afternoon to see him and when I got near his village. AArrrgghhh more Marines. You don’t think he was trying to trick me do you? No of course not I am too intimidating for that…right? I remember the old times when we could scare the silly Americans with threats, but those days are gone my fellow scumbag.  AArrgghh! Now I have this silly IED vest on that your brother made, you know I have to tell you he isn’t all that smart, there is no kidding explosives in this thing. I mean I could be getting out of my car smoking a cigarette looking at the new line of sheep in the area and boom dang detonator gets hung on the seat belt. Did I mention its cumbersome, how do I tend your funeral wearing this? It doesn’t go with my latest attire. AAArrgghh. Well I must go my fiend, those pesky Marines are approaching and I have to run before they come here and I snag my fashionable detonator on the door handle on the way out. It will ruin the carpet…..AArrrgghh..


  1. I realize Marines and Soldiers can’t get too political in their official roles, but wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if there were a groundswell of deployed troops “demanding” that Barak & Hillary & their mouthpieces visit Iraq to see the real progress?
    They will continue to ignore our pleas to acknowledge what’s really happening, but could they ignore it if it came from the boots on the ground?
    Remember those John Kerry “stoopid” signs from the troops last campaign?

  2. Hey MjP!
    lol this is flipping amazing. Gotta love those pesky Marines, ya know. 🙂 I agree with SammyD… Billary and Hussein Obama need to get some ground time in Iraq. If they don’t hit that rarefied IED, at least they’d get an idea for the progress made there. 🙂

  3. Americans love those pesky Marines.
    Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines don’t have that problem. -Ronald Reagan

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