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In the photo, you can see a load of mail (pile on the right) that came to us at our distant Company Out Post (COP). Today May 22nd we just got mail dating Feb 10 and a few Valentines Cards, a bit late is better than not at all.  These items we received are a direct result one family making a difference, being leaders by motivating others and creating a conduit to allow others to express their support for their troops. The Horn family.

The motivation didn’t stop there as you, the great American people took it upon yourselves to take out the time to express your gratitude and support to your warriors abroad.  Gang, this is why America is what it is, because the small have a voice to make a difference and one person will make a difference. We are able to enjoy the things taken for granted back in the states here in our humble environment because of the actions of the few. You!

On my own behalf, I ask all of us to look at ways we can move to the next step in supporting the Any Soldier Team and in result support your service members.  It’s not only about donations to the charity free organization but it’s about how you can also make a difference. Get your community involved, mention this to your boss, several companies have to donate to a charity, why not Any Soldier?  In one weekend in St Louis at a charity function, we had one major company donate thousands of dollars. Why, because we asked and they wanted to help. It’s that simple people get up off your butt and take that next step to help Any Soldier succeed.

If you need supporting material, again this would be a great time for your boss or key individuals to be introduced to the Any Soldier family. If they need continued additional validation that this organization is credible, noteworthy and actually making a significant difference, have them email me at I have 3years in deployed combat experience supported by AnySoldier from day one, that alone can validate the Any Soldier achievements and professionalism. I am excited to hear from all of you and the ones you contact in making a difference. Send me your results and I will gladly push them to the various blogs, newsletters and supporters to encourage them as well. Semper Fidelis and most important, Thank you for your support.

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