One_marine_2 Missions are going very well for us. We have detained several bad guys and corresponded warrants for them. The weather has been hot, then full of sand as the movie like sandstorms roll into our area.  As we conduct our partnered American and Iraqi missions, we compliment one another as they can notice things we cant and we can bring a hell storm to the scene in a blink of an eye. I know you arnt hearing anything about how well the Iraqi’s are doing but they are doing great things, every day. They are listening to us, learning and when we see them make several small strides we know we are on the right path. Some working for free, only to make a difference. They are making a difference!

Your Marines have great morale. Living in sandy uncomfortable conditions, covered in sand after each sandstorm as their wooden swahut allows the dirt to flow in from the constant blowing wind.  I love these times, I really do. You have those unforgettable events with fellow Marines, you live them. Like the ones you may have have experienced at a family reunion when you laughed so hard you cried. Here, there are times to laugh and times you are ready to throttle up. Times that make you shake your head and think that there is no way you could make these things up. Sharing the misery, building an indescribable bond.

Making a difference, a difference that won’t be on the TV screen in front of America’s faces tonight but a difference to that family who has lived in fear but now can replant their fields to grow vegetables because “We are so glad the Marines are around to keep us safe”.

You’ve been on the go all day, have a thin layer of dirt on your face where your glasses aren’t. The sun beats down on you as you feel the sweat run down your back between your skin and your armor. Your skin looks like its permanently tattooed from the dirt. The blowing dirt collects in the corners of your eye and your clothes are soaked. Hot chow in the morning, MRE for lunch. Dinner brings a nice stuffed frozen pork chop or maybe some spaghetti. Neither will agree with you later on. There are no 15 min smoke breaks, you see Marines burn them at the cyclic rate. There is not a one hour lunch because you are eating in the hummer on your way to your next patrol.  You might enjoy an occasional quiet gathering of Marines at sunset and enjoy a cigar. Talk and make deals and wheel and deal as you review the day.

These are your Marines.

From a supporter & my response.
Please know that there are those of us who are not only aware, but utterly grateful for your sacrifice.  I don’t know you, but I do, and I love you and I thank you.  I am eternally in your debt and anything I can do to help ease your service, I will.

God bless you and all our troops, marines, Airmen&women, sailors!  (And anyone else I don’t know the proper military name for but who nonetheless deserves a prayer.)

From me to the supporter:
That’s all we ask for. A simple Thank you. We will walk through fire for you when you say that to us. We don’t do it for money, we don’t do it for gain. We do it for each other and for all of you so you don’t have to feel any pain. We are proud to be your Marines-Semper Fi


  1. THANK YOU ALL! Keep the good news coming our way. Keeping you all in thought and prayer and continuously sending words of encouragement and thanks to our heroes…you guys ROCK!!

  2. We are ALWAYS grateful to you folks and are continually keeping y’all in our prayers! Wish we could do something about all that sand. Thanks for the update, Maj. P.

  3. Major, as always Thank You for your service and for the Marines with you. I have been emailing friends there and never a complaint – just thanks to us of all things. Unbelievable warriors we have – rough men guarding us so we can sleep quitely in our beds every night. We buried a WWII Marine friend last week with honors like only the Corps can do. Most did not know he served.
    Semper Fidelis Sir!

  4. MP, your posts always fire me up (in a good way). Thanks to you and all the Marines for doing such great work, day in and day out. We are very proud of you.

  5. You’re really hitting your stride, Maj P. Brings a tear to my eye reading your terrific descriptions of life at the pointy end.
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being our beloved Marines and for helping a new nation take baby steps towards freedom. You all are the BEST!

  6. Ditto what everyone said above! I love reading your reports…it’s so encouraging and uplifting to hear! Y’all are in my thoughts and prayers every day!
    Today I went to an Armed Forces Parade and it was just down-right AWESOME! Especially seeing the Marines in their cool tanks! 😉 Thank you Major P for ALL that you’re doing over there and thanks to all other military…past, present and future! 🙂
    God bless,

  7. Dang! You all just make us so proud here! There are many more of us, I can tell you, who are so glad you all are on that wall. More than the media cares to even think about. Heh Gives them nightmares.
    Keep on, Major! God bless ~

  8. Outstanding post sir.God Bless you and your men.Been out of touch for a few weeks and reading your post brings a proud feeling deep inside.It’s that time of year here in NY planting the flowers.Be spending the day digging and planting,trying to get the flag pole up so I can show my appreciation to you and all who serve to keep us all free!!God Bless sir! Semper Fi

  9. Outstanding post sir.God Bless you and your men.Been out of touch for a few weeks and reading your post brings a proud feeling deep inside.It’s that time of year here in NY planting the flowers.Be spending the day digging and planting,trying to get the flag pole up so I can show my appreciation to you and all who serve to keep us all free!!God Bless sir! Semper Fi

  10. Hey Maj P
    Thank you. And thank all your Marines for me. The Marines have always put me in a state of awe, and I deeply respect you guys for what you do. A simple “thank you” doesn’t seem to cover it all. Maybe this will help: OORAH! WE ARE MOTIVATED DOWNRIGHT DEDICATED ROMP EM STOMP EM CANT GET ENOUGH OORAH!! 🙂 Semper Gratus, and keep up the OUTSTANDING work ya’ll’ve been doing. My prayers go out to everyone serving in harm’s way.

  11. Major P,
    Thank You and all of our troops for what you do over there to keep us safe! You guys are incredible!
    You are all in my prayers! Be safe and thanks again so much for your service!!

  12. Memorial Day is to be upon Us very soon, Nothing Better Than Sending Out a Good Old American Pie Care Package to our “Best of the Best” Marine Corps Unit!
    We are with our Marines in Spirit Daily and strive to help out while deployed.
    Have a Good Week ahead MAJ Pain.

  13. Thank you guys and women for every thing you have done.use americans all love you and wish you were home of the land of free.
    my dream is to grow up and fight for the usa just like all of you men and women do. I would like to be in the marines. just remenber that your in our prayer including mine.


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