So we got a break from the 110 temps. Last
night a kick in the butt sand storm hit and visibility was slim. The enemy is
frustrated and can’t stand that every time they turn around there is a Marine
there. We thwarted a complex ambush last
week as we patrolled with the Iraqi’s. They
are getting stronger by the day and before you know it, they will ask us to
leave. They have become so much stronger since my last deployment here it would
truly astonish you. We had a young
Marine get informed that he is now a dad. Proud and a bit different now that he
knows he is a dad shows the true caliber of these studs over here. They too
should make you proud.


They continue to put in long days, bear the
difficult environment and continue to accomplish the mission. All are in good
spirits because they see first hand the difference they are making. I bet you
haven’t heard any crap story’s on the news lately have ya?? Nope because all of
the armed forces are kicking butt here. Thank
you for all of our support and although you may not hear it in the news, you
should be proud to be an American, by witnessing these Marines kick butt, I
know I am. Semper Fi-Time for a cigar.


  1. Great to hear from ya Major P, and especially good to hear that things truly have been improving over in your AO. Continue to stay safe, and stay strong. Praying for you and all your Marines.
    Semper Gratus!

  2. Thank you for the update MAJ P. When it comes from YOU I know it’s true. It is so good to hear that the Iraqis are stepping up as you report. I know many Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors have given so much in so many ways working with the Iraqis to make this happen.
    Proud of you and your Marines? More than we can every say or show friend.
    Stay safe and keep attacking.
    Ceegars and other “goodies” in transit if not already there!

  3. Mjr P
    Thank you for the truth of how things are progressing. Glad to hear that the IP’s and IA’s are doing better.
    Give that young Marine my most heart felt CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING A BRAND NEW MARINE DADDY.

  4. Hey Major P
    OORAH!! Nothing so proud-to-be-an-Americanifying than hearing of our Marines being butt kicking Marines. 🙂 The Iraqi Army sounds like it’s really stepping up. Big OORAH to them, too. Semper Gratus, Major, and don’t stop kicking AQI butt with your guys!!

  5. Hello Major P,
    I’ve been a reader of your blog for a couple of years…just haven’t commented until now, though. I simply wanted to thank you and your Marines and Sailors SO much for all you’re doing over there. Reading reports like this truly make me smile! 🙂
    Many congrats to that new Marine Daddy!!! How proud he must be!
    God bless you all!
    Praying for you,

  6. Dear Major-
    We are so proud of all of you it makes my face hurt. You can’t begin to know how proud we are.
    Godspeed to you all. Congrats to the new Daddy – keep your head down son, you just became even more important.
    Love and hugs to go with the big cigars.
    momma K

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