I heard on the radio the other day that morons are claiming that the Iraqi War was the biggest blunder of President Bush‘s presidency.  Wow, are these guys the most  ungrateful, unfocused, un-American people or what? It was a mistake, they say, to invade Iraq.  Hell, let’s wrap Afghanistan in that too then. It was a mistake to remove a dictator that kills off his own people to make a point. It was a mistake to stop the possible onslaught of T-72 tanks pushing into Saudi Arabia back in the Gulf War. Ok, all you cry baby bleeding hearts out there who are going to get on your soap box now and tell me we came "here", for oil and the Honorable President Bush is doing this for money and bla, blabla, bla. Save your breath. If that is your foundation for your argument, you have so missed the mark.  You need to stop believing everything you READ in your bed wetting newspaper and talk to those who have done something in coordination to change things. Yes, it must have also been a mistake to free the innocent Iraqi citizens who would not conform to the insurgent way of life. C’mon you know, they are the ones chained in underground torture chambers, electrocuted, whipped because they tried to resist. Families slaughtered in front of them.  What? Didn’t you read that in your paper? That’s a mistake. It must have been a mistake to have US boots on the ground and in cities like Ramadi and Fallujah to push out thug killers and eventually have shops reopen and kids to go back to school. Yes, of course, it was a mistake to stop those silly killers beheading innocent people, taking over tribes and continuing basic barbaric routines at will. I will tell you what is a mistake, you believing that bullshit! Until you grab a 3 year old kid up out of the dirt as shit is hitting the fan, you have no idea what a mistake is. Until you are hugged by an Iraqi grown man because your presence alone means he will see the sun rise again is a mistake. Not being able to know how your basic Iraqi family tries to survive, lives, earns a day wages is a mistake. I know you finger pointers are all of sudden CNN war analysts. Do you even know any of the cultural systems of Iraq? No? That’s a mistake. Know that before you decide to tell us how the president made "The Biggest Blunder". To see the entire Iraqi country rotate, change and evolve into a productive state, building its economy and living without the fear of any of the prior is no mistake or blunder. Not hearing about how well Iraq is doing now with your warriors’ support and the ones who have been here before is a huge freaking mistake.  If you feel that Iraq and all of the good work overhear has resulted into a  "Big Blunder", I’ll meet you in Kuwait, bring you north and introduce you to a few families that may disagree. Your call, but I would think twice about calling our success in Iraq a "Big Blunder" especially in front of any servicemember who has spent time here. That will be a big mistake.


  1. Yep. Blundered our way to protecting America, liberating two countries, and showing our enemies we will take the fight to them if they attack us. I can think of worse blunders.
    Semper gratus! God bless our Marines!

  2. Bravo, This is the stuff that All Americans should be reading in the Washington Post & NY Times. Take care MAJ B.
    OORAH !

  3. MP, that was out-freakin-standing. Your voice was heard, loud and clear… now we just need to get the rest of America and our anti-military, pussified leaders to hear it!

  4. Woo Hoo – you are finally back in stride. Your blogs have been a bit tame up until now. The Major Pain we love is back!!!!
    Keep up the good work and give all your Marines an atta boy for me.

  5. After this post, MP, there should be no doubt left that the USMC provides an education about the world and the way it works that is second to none. Bravo!

  6. Thank you Major! I can only hope that the Morons read your words!
    You rock, Sir, as do your Marines. Keep up the good fight and know we are behind you heart and soul.

  7. Oh yeah! I’d love to see it when some pin head makes that last big blunder. Last time I saw a retired Marine go hand to hand it was very instructional . And it sure made anything the movies seem well flashy and tame at the same time. He didn’t kill anybody but the 3 guys that attacked him ended up wearing a lot of plaster.
    I thank you guys for being the wall between my family and the human animals of this world and if you guys can help others while you’re doing it that’s icing on the cake.

  8. I dunno, I think you went a little soft on the bedwetters here…lol. When are they going to learn it just takes a good Marine to tell it how it is? Off to put up a link to this one, too.

    I too get so angry over these wimps crying that the war was a huge mistake and that people are dying. I get even angrier when I think that with out the Military doing what it’s doing so well, those people would most likely not even be here. Keep up your blogging, we need more people like you! Oo-Rah, Semper Fidelis, Semper Gratus, and all manner of stuff,

  10. Exactly! I believe more people should hear the truth than what the newspapers are trying to feed us. God Bless!!!!

  11. MjrP—You have a very elequent way of saying to the ‘liberal bed-wetters’ to speak the truth or suffer the conquences. I LOVE it.
    I sure would like to have the crying towel consession when those conquences arrive because they would not have enough money to buy those towels.
    Oooorah Marine. My prayers to you and your men.

  12. And the Church Ladies sing the Halleluja Chorus.
    I’ll always believe those of you who have “walked the walk” WAY before I’ll take the opinion of those who just talk the talk.
    Hope you know how darn PROUD we are of ALL of you Maj P. BE SAFE and keep attacking!
    (And I love that Gunny wrote in all caps – like BBJ).

  13. You tell-em Major B! The reason your hearing all the Blunder Nonsense is IRAQ- IS a HUGE Success and they can’t stand it! If IRAQ continues to succeed- that means everything they believe is a big mistake…That means they are wrong on foreign polices, domestic policy and most of all America is RIGHT ! They have no idea how to lead and it scares them that America does know how to lead.
    Drive on Major- Believe in the American people they believe in you!
    Media outlets are in a tail spin.. They see an election slipping away from them – Not one they feel they should have to win, but one they feel is entitled to them. Once again proving THEY don’t know how to lead!
    Detroit Muscle

  14. It is my way of keeping the Marine BBJ with us. is it alright with everyone if I post in all caps to honor him?
    Gunny out

  15. Gunny,
    I think it is a FANTASTIC idea for you to type in all caps in honor of our very dear and special friend Marine BBJ!

  16. Maj, i just love your way with words. man, you had me yellin
    ooorah! after every sentence. Felt good to hear the truth again from a guy who’s got his facts straight. love to rub some of this sweet stuff into the faces of those ignorant, big-mouthed, so-called “patriotic” wimps who preach crap to me about my Marines while they educate themselves by flipping through the TV channels from their armchairs.

  17. MP,
    thank you for this. honestly, thank you for all of your words, but even more so ~ thank you for being over there in harms way. for all of us. you know i would be there in a heartbeat with ya’ll if i could.
    but i hope you and your Marines know my heart IS over there with all of you…
    god bless you always and stay safe!
    much love and always admiration,
    Marine @ Heart

  18. MP,
    thank you for this. honestly, thank you for all of your words, but even more so ~ thank you for being over there in harms way. for all of us. you know i would be there in a heartbeat with ya’ll if i could.
    but i hope you and your Marines know my heart IS over there with all of you…
    god bless you always and stay safe!
    much love and always admiration,
    Marine @ Heart

  19. Hey dude? Have you thought about putting “I am prould to be an American” by Lee Greenwood as your background music? Just a thought. Be safe. You taught me a lot since 2005. Got nothing to add to all the great post in your comment section. Praying for all you guys.

  20. Our Military Are Heroes and We Are Winning!
    Saddam used mustard/sarin on the Kurds. POS needed to be recycled.
    Pincer movement to contain the Master Terrorists in Iran is pure genius the Leftards NEVER admit, since they are the a fifth column of the enemy. Daily we see revenue falling at these anti-American propaganda bureaus.
    We are focused on defeating the cancer of Islamic terrorism.
    Patriots like Major Pain will come back as leaders of the greatest country on Earth.

  21. Wow! Iraq is really good at gettin’ your dander up at the stoopid MSM and liberal bed wetters. Great writing, MP!!!!
    And Gunny Taylor, I think you are the one to carry on for Big Bro Jim with ALL CAPS.

  22. Just stumbled on this commentary. Looking to send packages to soldiers in the field. You should write for the media. Wish we could hear more of this. Intend to pass it on to my pessimistic friends and family who suck up all of the media crap! Keep up the world changing effort. Terry

  23. I’ve been reading on here for a while, but I finally need to speak up and say THANK YOU. As many times as I’ve seen similar sentiment, I’ve never seen it put so well and god bless you for all your work.
    How ignorant they are to trample on your hard work when you guys are out there fighting to keep us all safe and free.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  24. While I admire your patriotism and am grateful for your service, I still believe this war was a huge blunder.
    great leaders understand the limits of their mandate. In 1945, we did NOT advance through Eastern Europe because that was not why we were fighting WWII. During Gulf War I, we did not invade Iraq because we did not have a mandate to do so.
    By contrast, when there is no mandate to act, great leaders must show great restraint. Going after the Taliban was specific and reasonable, given the fact that we could prove that they were behind 9-11. However, there are tyrants all over the world. We can’t simply start invading countries because what is happening there is awful. Far more people have died as a result of coalition and insurgent activity over the past 5 years than had died in the previous several decades in Iraq.
    Iraq is a complex place. The boundaries were drawn not by the inhabitants, but by outsiders. In doing so, their country is now a collection of factions that would prefer to be separate. Unfortunately, that isn’t politically feasible. (Imagine if we let the Kurds spin off in the north. Turkey would go crazy, because it would further destabilize their region).
    My point is this: I recognize that you and your colleagues are doing an excellent job conducting this war- but the question remains whether we should have entered it in the first place. Democracy can’t be forced on someone else at gunpoint.

  25. While I applaud the Marines (and the AF, CG, Navy and Army) the above discussion is correct. Bush started the war under what became false pretenses. I give full faith and credit to our troop and Gen Patreus in turning it around, we did nothing to take care of the idiots whole took down the WTC. We rid the middle east of a diplorable bad guy in the shape of Hitler, which the world should thank us for. The economy is in tatters, but that’s another discussion.
    Good luck and thanks for your service.

  26. “Democracy can’t be forced on someone else at gunpoint.”
    … why not? I think we’re (US and coalition forces) are doing a damn fine job of it as we write. They may need to be dragged kicking and screaming into democracy, but they are obviously determining for themselves that it may not be so bad afterall.
    Force is the only think most of the Iraqis respect and that had to be established before they’d really listen and start participating. It’s working and I’m damn glad MY President took the hard decision to make it happen and MY Marines are there to get ‘er done!

  27. Worst.
    And he has no shortage of “If-I-needed-a-brain-they’d-issue-me-one” boneheads like you.

  28. boyo- you are such an idiot!
    major, i love you!
    you are a fantastic writer. when your book comes out, just let me know.

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