You are going to miss this I tell the young Marines especially the ones bitching about the deployment. There is something primitive about being deployed during war . Your entire focus is killing the bad guy or the other extreme helping them back to life. You eat, sleep think about your girl back home, workout train, prepare, eat, sleep think about your girl, and repeat cycle. You don’t get into a routine like that back into the states. Not like here. Even Marines who stay on the FOB still prepare to eventually do one of the above, kill or help or support those who do. When you get back to the states this all changes.

You wont have enough time to workout as much, you sleep, eat different and the orbiting threat of someone trying to kill you goes away. Sometimes as soon as 72 hrs, you could be back in the states if you fly home and be missing your routine you had while being deployed. You miss your Marines. Even if you are still with them in the states it’s not the same. No matter what you do in life it seems you always want what you can’t have. If I’m in the states, I miss the camaraderie of being deployed and hunting bad guys. If your deployed, you miss your girl, clean showers, shitters and the several other nice things we take fro granted in the states. So, I guess the only choice you have is to suck it up, kick ass and do your best wherever you are or what ever you do. Plumbers, Bankers, Truck Drivers, Crane Operators, Construction Workers or Marines, it doesn’t matter you owe it to those you are with or those away. At the end of every day you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you gave 100% today. Regardless of the answer, you have to adjust, see how you can improve (there is always room to improve) and then remember regardless where you are, stateside or deployed, enjoy it while it lasts because you cant stop time and things will change.

Special salute to the late great Big Bro Jim. I know he enjoyed it while it lasted……..Are you? Saluting you Jimbo at 2300 hours! Semper Fi my friend & fellow Marine.


  1. BUDDY!!!
    it has been ages since i have visited this here blog, and since i have emailed you… but know you and your Marines and ya’ll over there are carried in my heart each day.
    thank you for this post. it hits my heart in a lot of ways, and as always, your wisdom is a blessing to us all.
    love you and stay safe!!!

  2. My dad (raised as a Wyoming Dairy rancher) and a career Navy man, always pounded into my head: “Bloom where you are planted.” = you are where you are, you assess the surroundings, and FIND a way to improve yourself (bloom) where you are – and if your choices are limited where you are, you do what you can to transfer WHILE you are blooming. Has stood me well for the 50+ years I’ve lived attached to the military – in many different circumstances.
    I agree with, and support, the things you said.
    A friend of Taco’s,
    Snow Bunny, Wasilla, Alaska

  3. I will never forget late at night many years ago listening to taps being played as I laid in my rack. I would get that feeling of home sick in my gut.All you guys over there and have served know what I am talking about. All of you belong to our special club that know one knows what it feels like until you serve.Enjoy that feeling while it last as you will be home someday and as you get older you will reflect back as I have and say I belong to that club, served my country and no one can take that away from me. I am proud of all of you.
    A vet

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