Now in Iraq, the Marines are conducting themselves as expected and are full of energy to take on what awaits. From the last time I was here, some things have changed, others have not. The sexy burning trash smells including burning tires, medal and who knows what else is ever present. The area hasn’t changed either; same old neighborhood and I think I even see a few dogs that tried to bite me last time. One big change since last deployment is the people. Did anyone happen to notice that the Iraqi people here are behind us and helping us? Wow, that is the single biggest difference, the people. From local volunteers to professional trained Iraqi police and Army, the local populace has turned 180 degrees from my last deployment. Sorry for not posting in awhile but something about no computers in the middle of hell and when I do find one the service is marginal. Email is not even a real option yet as I damn near had to trade off my next born to use this computer but I will let you know when email is back up. Stay tuned kids, its going to be a hell of a ride!!!!


  1. Hi Major, its been a long time. Glad to see everything turning better. I hope you can continue post (more often). Thanks for fighting for us and freedom.
    One more thing, you said “the local populace has turned 360 degrees from my last deployment” does that mean they are still the same? lol. sorry for being a smart arse.

  2. Good morning! Delighted to see a word from you. We’ll hang in until you get the computer situation straightened out. Take care, Maj.

  3. It is SO good to be looking forward to your posts again! And it says SO much about you and your belief in the cause, that you would go back again.
    May you and your fellow Marines stay safe and come home soon!

  4. Major, This just out in our prayer letter – a double portion for you Sir, Semper Fi, Bob C.
    If there was ever a profession in our land that largely, both willingly and faithfully performs the duties of their station and calling without murmuring, it is the profession of arms. Pray for our magnificent warriors as they suppress and renounce their own wills in attending to and performing the duties of their stations as those who act in the defense of freedom on our behalf. Pray that they do it as willingly and faithfully as the angels in heaven. We are so blessed to have them!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to post about your experiences. Its refreshing to read soldiers’ views, and not the biased media’s. Stay safe, as best you can. Hang in there!
    All the best from Long Island NY

  6. Hey there!! Thanks for the update and good to hear from you! Us “support junkies” will have “stuff” on it’s way to you soonest!..

  7. Good to read that you made the trip “Over the Pond” as they say Safely.
    We here are 100 % behind you and your unit.
    Take care,
    CT Troop Supporter

  8. Outstanding to see your name on AnySoldier at last! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to post–glad you did! Keep yourselves safe and know that all of you are in our hearts, minds and prayers!

  9. It is great to hear from you again Maj B. It was good to read in your post that there have been improvemnets in the area since your last trip. My prayers and thoughts go out to you and all your Marines. Stay strong.

  10. Good day, Marine. I first want to say a hearty thanks for your service. Be assured the vast majority of Americans are with you in thoughts and prayers.
    I recently discovered your blog “One Marine’s View” and linked to it in a blog that I write for occasionally called Dakota Voice ( With your permission I’d like to use some of your other comments from time to time, with full attribution of course. The average American is completely ignorant of what our brave soldiers and Marines are accomplishing in Iraq and I’d like to help keep a few informed. Your most recent post about the changes that you are seeing in and aound Falluja are completely consistent with the information that I get from my nephew, Sgt. Matt H., USMC, who is on his third tour in the same AO. My son, LCpl. R. Thomas H. returned from the same area last May after his first tour. He is a combat engineer, like is cousin, and manned an M2 on top a Humvee during route clearance missions mostly between Falluja and Ramadi (Michigan Street, I think he called it).
    So I have had the opportunity to hear first hand reports about what we are accomplishing and only wish that other Americans could know the truth as well. But as long as we have CNN, ABC, Jack Murtha and Dick Durbin telling the story, the truth is a rare comodity.
    I am a Vietnam vet, a medic with the 101st Airborne, and I want you and your other Marines to know that this old dog-face couldn’t be more proud of you guys. The tradition of American self sacrifice, determination and faithfulness to country is in good hands. God bless. And Semper Fi!

  11. Well it looked like you were herding goats in the last post. I am glad your mission improved. With Anbar so quiet I guess you will be walking kids to class. Marines are our emmisaries to those we want to help. Pain has done that in a remarkable way. Would love to chat with you when email is up. Got some stories you won’t believe.

  12. Hi Major!
    It’s great to hear from you again!
    That is outstanding news to, to know that the Iraqi people have done a 180 and are now fulltime allies. :^)
    The work you guys do is the reason why, and our politicians can learn from your example.
    God bless y’all and thanks for your selfless service!
    Semper Fi!

  13. Good to be reading your reports again Major Pain! Stay safe and keep us posted on the NSN…you and all our Military are in my prayers.
    Semper Gratus!

  14. I would like to thank you and all the other marines for your service and sacrifice. I had not cked your site in a while, but I never once have forgotten any of you. This is to you and yours. Thank you and take care.

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