Ba Snoozing fishermen and pleasure boats got a rare treat (or the shock of their lives – depends on whether they saw them coming) when the US Navy Blue Angels made a high-speed pass over San Francisco Bay last weekend. Formed in 1946, the Blue Angels mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps’ recruiting efforts and represent the naval service to the US and foreign nations. Basically, they’re professional show-offs. And to clarify: that puff of water vapor means he’s just gone supersonic. Fly-by here for more Blue Angels images


  1. Even this old A6 wrench turner will admit it. The Hornet does put on one heck of a show. I hope that not to many liberals wet themselves when this happened.
    But watching a Tomcat go by the portside making a BOOM was a lot of fun back when. Of course, immediately after, said Tomcat plugs into the basket from a KA6D;-)

  2. As a resident of San Francisco, I can vouch for the huge number of people attending (and applauding) the Blue Angels’ practices and exhibition for Fleet Week as I rode from the Bay to the Marina, along Crissy Field all through the Presidio up to the VA Hospital high upon the cliffs farther west than the Golden Gate Bridge. Great whoops from us there with those ambulatory or wheeled, at that million-dollar-view, as they’d swoop so far out to sea. Kind of you to include such an impressive photo; Always Faithful Major.
    -Red Bud out

  3. If I were the CNO, I’d halt any/all Navy operations in the San Fransicko Bay area.
    I would not allow ANY Navy/Marine activities there.
    Military Recruiting – Gone!
    Fleet Week – Gone!
    DOD dollars – Gone!

  4. Sweet sweet picture.Brings back the memories of fishing up here in the adrondack mts.All of a sudden an A-10 would buzz at 20ft above the valley deck,and then another or on a good day you would get knocked over by an F4.They put a k-bosch to that 20yrs ago the people complained they were breaking windows and scaring the deer.Now if I’m lucky I’ll be on a rooftop working and hear an F-16 break wind.SF should consider themselves lucky to be able to see these fly boys up close and personel..I do miss those days.OOOrrraaahh Semper Fi

  5. 30-year resident of the Bay Area and have learned to ignore the idiots in city hall and on the streets. Unfortunately, the bad guys and Dems take nourishment from them but just focus on all the folks who show up bayside to watch the show, shipside to tour.

  6. I grew up in the SF. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wackos there but the week the blue angels come to town is always wonderful. Our teachers would let us go up to the school roof and cheer on the pilots as they flew over the city. Good times.-marina

  7. Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska -I have some great shots, too, from up here – the Elmendorf AFB Air Show.
    Two years ago, We heard the Blue Angels buzzing downtown in prep for the Show – and my boss being retired Navy (and me being a squid brat) we both hauled butt for topside on the roof to see them up close and personal. We were both hooting and hollering and waving like crazy – man, it’s exciting to see them go – and one of them wagged his wings at us. Well, we went nuts…. some of the other employees came up and were grinning, and enjoying both shows. Then, from near the Chugach Mountains to the west of Anchorage, I see one of them headed for right over us, and I take the “stance”, arms up in the position, like I’m directing him while he’s landing and taxiing on our roof. He came right at us, swooping down to about a thousand feet over the deck, and roared right over us. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was grinning ear-to-ear! I was whooping and jumping up and down and waving to him as he turned around and came back over, wagging his wings. The rest of the employees were yelling expletives and running back down through the roof hatch, but my boss and me stood there grinning at each other for quite a while, watching the rest of the show. I will never forget that – I got as big a thrill that day, at 50+ years old, as I did watching them with my dad when I was 5 years old. God Bless ’em. God Bless you all. Happy Veterans Day!
    If you want some of the pics I got at the Show the next day – just let me know! And have a safe and successful trip, this time, too.

  8. To the neighbor complaining about the sonic booms from Shilling AFB c 1960
    “That, sir, is the sound of freedom.”
    My dad Capt. Carl H – 5th Army Air Corp WWII, USAF Korea

  9. Hello, I just love reading your comments!!! These pictures are amazing! Do they have fleet week every year in SF? My family would love to go.
    My family and I would like to say THANK YOU, to each and every person in the military fighting for our freedom. It is deeply appreciated.
    And also to all of the families of our service men and women, THANK YOU!

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